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The Best Jewish Food For Casual Nights In

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It’s soon going to be the season for casual nights in. The season where the nights go dark, the days go cooler, and sitting in a cozy home with the fire roaring is far more appealing than going out for dinner. Casual nights in the house are the perfect way to unwind, whether it’s a night to yourself or with friends or family. Casual nights are typically nights where you want minimal effort and maximum relaxation, so we’ve compiled a list of the best Jewish foods for your next night in with your Jewish friends or family.

Jewish food is wholesome, packed with flavor, and simple for even the novice cook to make. Read on to learn more.

Matzoh Ball Soup

Matzoh ball soup is the perfect dish for winter, and for all you lazy cookers out there – you don’t need to slave away for hours to make this one. To put it simply, Matzoh ball soup is delicious balls full of carbohydrates drenched in chicken soup – the flavors from this dish are incredible, yet oh so simple. Oldschool Jewish cooks swear by the secret ingredient, making the Matzoh balls with the fat from the chicken to take your tastebuds to another level. Serve it on a traditional plate from Judaica online, and you’ll impress even the most traditional Jew. 

A Classic Challah

Is there anything more quintessentially Jewish when it comes to food as the Challah? This braided beauty needs no introduction. When made correctly, the special bread of Ashkenazi Jewish origin should have a crunchy exterior and a delicately soft inside. Beware, novice cookers – this one isn’t for the fainthearted. Call it a casual night showstopper, if you wish. It might take some skill, but when the dish is executed correctly, it’s the perfect comfort food. Couple it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and you’ve got yourself the perfect starter or side dish.

A Spicy Shakshuka

A shakshuka will surely pack a punch and bring much-needed spice to your casual night. Or, if you’re looking for a winter warmer, this one will definitely put some warmth in your belly. It’s an egg-based dish that’s pretty easy to make – a delicacy enjoyed across Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, and Morocco. But the Jewish community brought this wonderful dish to light, and they definitely know how to make it best. Follow a traditional Jewish recipe for the best results. 

The Crispiest Potato Latkes

You can’t go wrong with a classic potato Latke. Potato Latkes are not necessarily the easiest to make if you’re a novice cooker, but when cooked right, potato latkes are the crispiest yet fluffiest potato dish you’ll have ever made. They’re the perfect side dish to the main meals like the spicy Shakshuka, and you’ll find many recipes online that are relatively easy to follow.

Jewish food is simply sublime. Most dishes are easy to make and are truly wholesome, belly-warming foods that are perfect for the upcoming seasons. Whether you’re cooking for Jewish company or not, these dishes are perfect for any household that wants to expand their tastebuds.



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