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VidaCap Is Becoming A Popular Mushroom Supplements Brand – Here’s Why

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SUPPYou’ve probably been hearing a lot lately about the use and effects of functional mushroom supplements. Essentially, these supplements are capsules made from extracts of various fungi species that boast powerful health benefits.

The therapeutic use of mushrooms is of course nothing new – in fact, Eastern cultures have been using them for millenia. For whatever reason, however, fungi supplements are just starting to make their way into the medicine cabinets of folks in the Western world.

One brand that has been more or less leading the way in the mushrooms market has been VidaCap. This is an American company that offers several different species of mushroom extract in capsule form. In this article, we discuss what sets VidaCap supplements apart from other competitors on the market, and where you can go to order them if you want to get in on the extraordinary health benefits of authentic mushroom extract.

VidaCap – A Unique Approach To Functional Mushroom Supplements

There are dozens of different species of functional mushrooms that grow naturally in various regions around the world. However, experts generally focus on five different species when it comes to the overall health benefits of mushrooms: Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Reishi, and Cordyceps.

The problem is that when these mushrooms are used in their raw form, much of the internal components are believed to be lost during digestive metabolic processes. In other words, even if you eat something like a raw Lion’s Mane mushroom, you may not be taking full advantage of the fungus’ potent therapeutic properties.

What VidaCap has done is made capsule-based extracts from the dried fruiting bodies of each of these five different species. This allows for quick, direct access to the active internal compounds that give mushrooms their extraordinary therapeutic power.

VidaCap capsules are also pre-dosed, meaning individuals only need to take one or two per day (depending on desired effects) in order to harness the full potential of polysaccharides, beta-glucans, and other beneficial compounds.

Of course, each of the five different mushroom species boasts a different range of effects, so it’s important to know and understand each different type of capsule in order to tailor to your own personal therapeutic needs.

Types of VidaCap Mushroom Capsules

While detailed clinical data on the effects of functional mushrooms is still lacking in many areas, anecdotal evidence does point to an impressive range of potential health benefits. Here is a basic overview of each of the five different types of VidaCap mushroom capsules, and what users can expect to experience from each one:

  • Chaga: A potent antioxidant supplement that supports a healthy and active metabolism, as well as improved digestive health

  • Lion’s Mane: Known to reduce brain fog and offer tremendous support for mental clarity, memory, focus, alertness, and general cognitive function

  • Cordyceps: Popular among athletes and active individuals, chaga supplements may help improve endurance, energy levels, respiratory and cardiovascular health, and general athletic performance and recovery

  • Turkey Tail: May help boost the body’s immune system via beta-glucans and immunity activators. Also known to improve gut and digestive health  

  • Reishi: Popular for helping relieve mental stress, restore vitality and longevity, and boost the immune system

VidaCap’s Novel “Sleep Aid” Mushrooms Formula

In addition to the products mentioned above, VidaCap also offers a novel Sleep Aid Mushroom blend that contains 750mg of organic mushroom extract per capsule. The formula is specifically designed to help improve and restore natural sleep patterns, and contains 30-35% polysaccharides from Reishi extract in addition to melatonin and Passion Flower extract, both of which are known to offer tremendous natural sleep aid benefits.

Where To Buy VidaCap Mushroom Supplements

Like a lot of companies nowadays, VidaCap has chosen to entirely cut out the retail middleman. This means that the brand’s capsules can only be ordered online through the official VidaCap website. While this may seem like an inconvenience as it cuts out the option to buy from a physical store, it actually works out for the best as it allows products to be offered at a much more affordable price point.

In fact, in addition to being one of the most trusted labels on the market, VidaCap capsules are also some of the most economically priced. If you’re looking to change your life and take advantage of the sweeping range of health benefits offered by functional mushroom capsules, we highly recommend checking out the authentic range of USA-made products from VidaCap.


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