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Men’s Rings: What to Consider When Buying One

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Over the years, men have worn different types of rings. They do so in order to flaunt their commitment, status, wealth, and association. However, in recent times, with so many ring designs, types of metals, and other characteristics, choosing the best one might be challenging.

Which Finger Should You Put On a Men’s Ring?

You are free to put on your ring whichever finger you like. Nobody will ever stop you from making that choice. However, some believe that putting a ring on a certain finger has its meaning. 


You don’t usually see any thumb rings here in the country. However, they are now rising in popularity. In most societies, having a ring on your thumb signifies your influence or wealth. Moreover, if you have two rings on your right hand, putting an extra ring on your thumb would be a good choice, especially if you don’t want your hand to feel crowded.

Index Finger

The index finger is frequently used for pointing at things. Long before, people with high profile usually put on a signet ring on their index finger bearing their family crest. However, today, these are less common

Middle Finger

Putting your ring on the middle finger does not have any historical meaning to it. A lot of men wear rings on their middle fingers. This way, they don’t have to worry about being mistaken for being married.

Ring Finger

The ring finger is where people expect men to wear a ring. If you are wearing a ring on the ring finger, most people would automatically assume you are already married.

Pinky Finger

Historically speaking, the pinky finger was reserved for signet rings. Signet rings were used to seal official documents. This is done by pressing the ring face into the hot melted wax, which creates a seal. 

Since using a signet ring to seal envelopes is rarely done nowadays, you don’t normally see signet rings on the pinky finger anymore. Moreover, the pinky finger is now home to club rings or college rings.

Types of Rings 

You can choose from a large selection of styles available for men’s rings. However, the following are three of the go-to ring styles you should know about:

Wedding Bands

In the past, only women wore wedding rings. However, things have changed. Men now wear wedding rings to signify their marriage. 

There are many designs to choose from when buying a wedding ring. Some opt to choose a more straightforward look. Meanwhile, others love putting details on their wedding rings.

Signet Rings

As mentioned, signet rings were used to seal envelopes. Besides that, signet rings are typically engraved with a family’s crest. Since sealing envelopes using a signet ring has not been practiced anymore, families pass down the signet rings from one generation to another to remind them of their heritage.

Fashion Rings

There are rings that men wear to signify tradition. However, this case is rare. Most of the time, men wear rings because they want to stay in style.

A ring can be a great accessory to what you are wearing. There are a variety of designs available in the market. Some are incorporated with gemstones, while others are created with intricate details.

Common Materials Used To Create Men’s Ring

The following are some material used to make stylish men’s rings:

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is a traditional material used to create wedding bands. This metal is considered classic and timeless. Besides that, gold is very easy to work with when making a ring.

White Gold

White gold consists of an alloy mixture. Pure gold is mixed with either platinum, copper, nickel, or silver to create its color. Most of the time, white gold rings are plated with rhodium for maximum durability.

Platinum Sterling Silver

Platinum is considered more valuable than gold. It is quite rare as well. Although platinum is expensive, it is durable and tough.


Titanium has a silvery appearance. Apart from this, it is a strong yet very lightweight metal. If you don’t want your ring to weigh too much, this metal might be the one you are looking for.

Sterling Silver 

A ring made out of sterling silver often gives a  timeless and classic look. Silver rings can look beautiful despite their simplicity. Moreover, silver is much more affordable compared to the usual gold.


Tungsten is the strongest and hardest metal available today. This is perfect for those who want their rings to be unbreakable. However, tungsten rings are not scratch resistant.


Ceramic rings can be created from fired clay. Some are even made from high-tech ceramics, like titanium carbide and tungsten carbide. Those with sensitive skin often opt for ceramic rings, as they are hypoallergenic.


This material is eco-friendly. Bespoke jewelers typically create wooden rings. Furthermore, they are lightweight and hypoallergenic.


Silicone rings come in a variety of colors, textures, and shapes. They are also light and smooth. Additionally, silicone rings can withstand extreme temperatures without losing their properties.


The designs and styles of a man’s ring are as unique as the one who wears it. Whether it is a wedding ring, a college ring, or a fashion ring, the choice will entirely depend on your preference- and of course, your budget.


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