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The Ultimate Cuban Link Guide: 7 Unique Chain Types to Know

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Cuban link chains are renowned for their attention-getting shine and substantial, interlocking links.

They are a key element of hip-hop fashion, and anyone who wants to add some superstar dazzle to their look can wear them with ease. While gold Cuban link chains may be the most classic and easily recognized variant, there are many styles to choose from. Cuban link chains are made from all kinds of precious and non-precious metals that may be rounded, beveled, flat, spiked and polished, or embellished with gems. No matter which kind of chain you prefer, you can be sure that each one has its own special character. To find the perfect Cuban link chain style for you, check out the seven unique types listed below.

1. Miami Cuban Link Chain

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The Miami Cuban link chain is famous for its thick, curved, closely interlocked links that give it a solid and bold appearance. It鈥檚 the best-known and most popular style of Cuban link chain, and it鈥檚 often worn alone as a statement piece or enhanced with a pendant. Miami Cuban link chains are made in a variety of widths, but they all have a thick, round look that makes them great for everyday wear. They are crafted from all kinds of materials, including precious metals like gold and silver and non-precious metals like stainless steel and brass. Miami Cuban link chains are generally fastened with strong, hefty lobster clasps that hold the chain securely in place.

2. Iced-Out Cuban Link Chain

Iced-out Cuban link chains have thick, wide links that are encrusted with diamonds or gemstones. Their broad profile provides the chain with a larger surface area for embellishment. These chains are typically crafted from precious metals like gold or silver or softer, non-precious brass. Since it鈥檚 easier to set gemstones into flat links, it鈥檚 possible but less common to find rounded, iced-out Cuban link chains.


A diamond Cuban link chain is considered to be high-end jewelry, but cubic zirconia- and moissanite-set chains also offer plenty of sparkle. The links are usually pav茅 or channel-set with round or baguette-cut stones for a luxurious look. Baguette stones have a squared-off profile and are highly reflective, while round, pav茅-set stones tend to glitter in the light. Iced-out Cuban link chains are usually finished with a box clasp that can be customized with gemstones.

3. Prong Cuban Link Chain

Source: furtseff/

Prong Cuban link chains feature trapezoid-shaped links that are interlocked to create an angular pattern with a sharp, geometric look. This chain style tends to be wider than other Cuban chains, and it is usually iced out with diamonds or gemstones like cubic zirconia and moissanite. The flat links are usually made from softer precious metals like gold or silver or non-precious metals like brass. Prong Cuban link chains are not typically made from stainless steel because the hard metal is difficult to set with gemstones. Most prong Cuban link chains are fastened with box clasps that are customized or encrusted with gemstones.

4. Flat Cuban Link Chain

Flat Cuban link chains have broad, flat, interlocking links. They are smaller, thinner, and lighter than Miami Cuban link chains, which gives them a more subtle appearance. The flattened edges of the links create a smooth and uniform feel against the skin. The classic, instantly recognizable design is usually executed in precious metals like silver and gold, but it鈥檚 also a popular and more casual choice when it鈥檚 crafted from brass or stainless steel. Most flat Cuban link chains are finished with a strong, sturdy lobster clasp in matching metal.

5. Beveled Cuban Link Chain

Beveled Cuban link chains are similar to Miami Cuban link chains, but the edges of the links are carved and flattened on top to give the chain a 3D look. This chain style tends to stand out more than the Miami Cuban link chain because its flat faces catch and reflect light. Beveled Cuban links are usually crafted from precious metals like silver and gold, but they are also made from non-precious metals like stainless steel and brass. Most beveled Cuban link chains are fastened with a substantial, secure lobster clasp.

6. Gucci Cuban Link Chain

Gucci Cuban link chains feature g-shaped Gucci links that are interspersed throughout the chain. These chains tend to be thick, rounded, and wide. Many Gucci Cuban link chains are multicolored and iced out with diamonds or gemstones like moissanite or cubic zirconia. They are usually crafted from softer precious metals like gold and silver or non-precious metals like brass. Gucci Cuban link chains are often fastened with customized box clasps that are embellished with gemstones.

7. Spiked Cuban Link Chains

Spiked Cuban link chains are designed with angled extensions that create a textured effect that resembles barbed wire or thorns. They can be made from precious metals like gold or silver or non-precious metals that are sometimes alloyed or blackened for an edgy look. These chains are often iced out with diamonds or colorful gemstones and fastened with embellished box clasps.

Source: feedbackstudio/

Cuban Link Chains Are the Essence of Powerful Style

Cuban link chains are a versatile addition to any wardrobe and look fantastic day or night. Whether your style is maximalist or classic, you鈥檙e sure to find a Cuban link chain that suits your personal taste and adds a bold, powerful touch to your jewelry wardrobe.


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