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Want to start a watch collection? Here are tips on getting started

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It typically starts with one special watch, perhaps a timepiece given as a gift to mark a special occasion such as your college graduation or first job promotion .Eventually, it grows into a deep desire to appreciate more and to understand more about watches. Soon, it becomes a healthy obsession of finding one special time piece after another. Before you know it, you are dedicating time and money into building your collection.

Collecting watches is still as popular as ever. Here are some tips that can help you get started:

1. Understand your motivation

Each watch collector is different. One might be attracted to a certain category of watches, another might be interested in a specific brand. One might be particular about collecting vintages, another might be interested in all the new ones. Knowing your motivation and preferences will help you have a deeper understanding of yourself as a watch collector. In the long run, this will help give meaning to the watches you choose to purchase.

2. Do your homework

There is more to watches than what meets the eye, so it is important to do your research. Educate yourself about brands, trends, styles, and the craftsmanship behind good timepieces. Nowadays, the options can be dizzying. It is important to know your choices before committing to buy a particular watch.

3. Invest in storage and proper maintenance

Are you planning to wear you watches or store them? Either way, you need to make sure that they are alway in top condition. This means regularly bringing them to an expert to have them cleaned and checked. It also means investing in a storage option that will help preserve your watches. It is best to put the watches in their original cases and store the cases in a dry and dark environment like a drawer. You can also purchase a watch display box if you will have to show off your prized possessions every once in a while.

4. Be careful with your money

It’s easy to get carried away with buying the most expensive items when you are growing your collection. But it is also important to have a buy-and-sell strategy that won’t leave you bankrupt. Invest in watches that have a good resale value and keep them in top condition so you can easily sell them when you want something pricier.

5. Enjoy them!   

Collecting watches is a fun hobby that can easily turn into a lifetime passion. It’s all about the thrill of the hunt and seeing your collection grow more and more as you invest.  Enjoy every step of the process and try to make friends with other nerdy and snobbish watch collectors along the way!

Need help with your watch collection?

It’s the best time to get started with collecting luxury watches. You can easily grow your collection by investing in a nice mix of new and pre-owned watches. Check out the Chronoexpert for your options.



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  1. Superb article, worth reading. After reading this article got tons of information regarding this luxury watch. I’m a watch lover and this article is really helpful as this provides information and the tips for that can help us to get started about buying and maintaining such watches. I really like your ponits and tips shared. Thank you so much for such a great information on the important topic. Keep Posting such great article.

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