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YETI Unveils New Wheeled Roadies

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Should you go for a Yeti Roadie 48 or a YETI Roadie 60? YETI has dropped its latest collection of wheeled roadies, and these coolers have been upgraded and improved from the earlier models in the wheeled cooler line.

Are you looking for a new cooler to carry your drinks and food around on your next fishing adventure, tailgate party or just to keep your beer bottles cold in the park? They will have wheels that offer better stability and larger retractable handles for easier access to your cooler, and much more. In this article, we will highlight key features to make your cooler purchasing decision easier.

The Roadie 48 is designed to hold up to 41 cans, while the Roadie 60 can carry up to 51 cans. The wheels on both models are puncture-resistant regardless of what type of terrain you’re traveling over. They have retractable handles that make it easier to grab your cooler when it’s time to take off again. The coolers offer the BestDam™ leakproof drain plug, which makes draining your cooler easy. The height of 13” allows the roadie coolers to hold the bottles upright, so you can bring wine along for your friends. One of the biggest advantages of owning a Roadie 48 or 60 is that they are equipped with Bearfoot nonslip feet, so there’s no need to worry about the roadie sliding out of control.


Roadie 48 Wheeled Cooler – $450- is one of the best coolers on the market—no matter what you’re taking on your next trip, this cooler has got you covered! Whether you’re taking lunch to go or accommodating large crowds, this cooler has heavy-duty cold-holding power that won’t let you down. With retractable handles that pop up when you need them, puncture-resistant tires that make carrying your load much easier, lipgrip handles for an easy grip, and anchor point tie-down slots that let you easily mount it to your boat, truck bed, or trailer—there’s no better way to keep your food and beverages cold while on the go!


Roadie 60 Wheeled Cooler – $500- If you are looking for a cooler with more capacity than the Roadie 48, we recommend the Roadie 60. With room for over 50 cans, this cooler can hold ice for days on end and is great for off-the-grid adventures with your entire group. Maybe most importantly, the Roadie 60 is easy on your back. From its quality of construction to the many features it offers, you’ll be pleased with this cooler’s performance. The Roadie 60 will be available for purchase on 8/23. Click Notify Me to get alerted when it’s in stock! Every purchase of the Wheeled Cooler comes with a Tritan Dry Basket!

Whichever roadie you choose, YETI has designed coolers that are perfect for packing food, wine, and everything else in between for a myriad of occasions. 




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