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How digitalization is impacting the modern man

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“Digitalization” has been a buzzword for quite some time now. It’s a fashionable word, used by many, but do you really know what it means? But more than that, what does digitalization mean for you living, working, and existing in 2021?

Working from home

As of December 2020, some 41.8% of the US workforce worked at home and remotely. Over half of these are expected to remain working in such a manner throughout 2021. This marks a huge shift in so-called office culture. Now instead of having to work in an office each day, many workers are conducting business and meetings over streaming platforms and closing deals while wearing pajamas.

Digitalization has fueled this through the provision of fast internet connections and the availability of electronic communication software. Furthermore, advancements in remote project management tools have significantly streamlined the way remote teams and staff can be organized. 

Shifting to the online world

Many of the things we used to do in person can now be done online. For example, when was the last time you actually went inside a bank? Nowadays most tasks such as deposits, transfers, and even opening an account can be carried out online or via an app. Investments and trades can be carried out online and you can buy a new coat, sneakers, or a briefcase with a swipe of a thumb. Various forms of entertainment have also become wildly popular online. Online gambling, for example, has become a giant in the entertainment industry, with its popularity driven by mobile use and a desire for convenience. There are a number of great sites out there providing a variety of games but it’s always smart to read the terms first. This will give you an insight into bonuses, Ts & Cs, and withdrawal and deposit conditions. Many sites such as this will give a quick breakdown of the essential facts.

In 2021, there isn’t much that cannot be done online. Advancements in technology are constantly providing new ways for consumers to enjoy online services. Streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon continue offering better products and the use of VR and AR is being trialed and rolled out in a number of sectors. Furthermore, the integration of AI into a range of sites and products brings enhanced user experiences that far surpass in-person interactions.

Increased globalization

Increased digitalization has also resulted in increased globalization. We are no longer constrained by borders or timezones and have the freedom to enjoy a world, almost without limitations. Business can be conducted online via apps and special platforms and restraints such as travel, language, and even cultural differences can be mitigated with more ease.

The ongoing digital transformation has the power to completely change the way we work, and do things. It has also meant that how we do things has become much quicker. Email, sharing apps, and shared workspaces have almost eliminated snail mail, and technologies like blockchain and smart contracts are reducing the need for human supervision.

Digitalization is here to stay and we can expect it to continue disrupting everything we do with more ferocity in the future. From fashion to art, entertainment to leisure, work to pleasure, devices, and connectivity will continue shaping the way we exist.


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