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The Electricianz: Where The Future Meets Innovation

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The Electricianz is a unique group of Switzerland-based Designers, engineers, gamers &watchmakers. Led by their Captain, Laurent, they are slowly revolutionizing the way you check your time. The team of anonymous engineers carries out their work in a state-of-the-art technological lab they refer to as The ELZ Lab.

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It is confined in an unknown location in Switzerland. They have produced a stunning wristwatch known as the Hybrid Mechanical Time Display (HMDT). The HMDT is a significant technological advancement in the watch industry that incorporates both traditional and modern techniques. Let us analyze the exciting features that make it a necessity.

Features of the HYBRID MECHANICAL Time Display

1. Power Efficiency

The HYBRID MECHANICAL is a big machine that requires an adequate power supply. The ten LEDs also need a large chunk of energy. As a result, the batteries that run these watches are made purely out of Lithium. Apart from the capability to run these watches, there are tons of advantages of using Lithium batteries over other batteries. For starters, these batteries have a long-running life. Hence they may be used for long without requiring a replacement.

They also weigh less, meaning they will not add a significant amount of weight to the watch. The HMDT has a 42 hours reserve for the mechanical movement displaying the time. Additionally, it has an 18 to 24 months power reserve for the LED function with an average of 3 activations daily.

2. LED

The HYBRID MECHANICAL has a total of ten light-emitting diodes that enhance its appearance. Five of them are meant to improve the display in dark environments. There is no doubt that seeing the clock hands will be an easy feat.

The LEDs are placed strategically on the hour and minute hands’ dial, to enhance night vision. On the other hand, the other five light-emitting diodes are meant to have fun. They exhibit a mesmerizing flashing time beat of five seconds that further adds to the appearance of this style watch. By adding this beautiful accessory to your arms, you are likely to stand out.

3. Anti corrosion 316L Stainless Steel Case

Stainless steel is one of the world’s most versatile materials with two outstanding characteristics that enhance the effectiveness of the HMDT- Strength, and beauty. The former protects the valuable internal components while the latter contributes to the aesthetic of the watch. Stainless steel is also easier to clean. Further, it is resistant to any form of corrosion. Judging by these advantages, the HYBRID MECHANICAL ought to be a durable product.

4. Glass Box Construction

Another significant improvement to the aesthetic of the HYBRID MECHANICAL is its transparent skeleton design. If you enjoy specific details, then the HYBRID MECHANICAL is the watch for you. The owner can enjoy the magnificent view of the underlying multi-layered rotors, beautiful lead lights, and the metal 8N24 movement. Additionally, with the ten light-emitting diodes, each internal component is clearly outlined. Finally, the glass is made using K1 hardened minerals, so you do not have to be worried about breakages.

5. Functional Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Unlike most watches, The HYBRID MECHANICAL is a modern watch that uses advanced technology. It has a Printed Circuit that supports and electrically connects the numerous components of the HMTD. The result is a seamless or perhaps perfect functionality of the watch. Furthermore, the in-house module (pending patent) of the watch has been paired with a self-winding automatic 8N24 Skeleton Miyota Movement. The 8N24 is a quality movement that is established in Japan. Moreover, it also contributes to the complex technical appearance of the HYBRID MECHANICAL.

6. Automatic Rotor

The HYBRID MECHANICAL Time Display has an automatic rotor that oscillates freely within the watch. Each occasion of wrist movement by the owner initiates a spin within the rotor. The result is the creation of energy that is transferred to the mainspring. Some of this energy is harnessed into the power storage, where it can charge the watch.

7. Electroluminescent System

The HYBRID MECHANICAL watches are unique because of the incorporation of both mechanical watch movement and electroluminescent system. Electroluminescence is an optical phenomenon whereby the watch emits light in response to the passage of electric current. The emitted light enhances the visibility of the hour and minute hand while also highlighting the beauty.

8. Water Resistance

At the moment, the HMDT has a water resistance of 3 ATM. Hence it can function during wet weather conditions or even swimming without any issues. However, the life span and appearance of the leather straps would be significantly reduced.

9. Multi-Layered

The internal composition of this complex device is magnificent. Numerous components range from the enormous movement, LED lights, and PCB is circularly attached to the frame on top of each layer. The result is a multi-layered organization that contributes to the beauty of the HYBRID MECHANICAL.

10. Leather Straps

The straps of HYBRID MECHANICAL watches are made entirely out of calfskin. Calfskin is among the most robust and most stylish materials used as a watch strap. Hence, these straps are bound to be used over long periods without wearing off. Moreover, there are plenty of colors to choose from, each made of this durable material. The main advantage of leather straps is that they do not require much maintenance. Generally, leather only requires surface cleaning using a dry cloth. The straps will therefore maintain their brilliant appearance since leather also tend to mature better over time.

By looking at the assembly of this watch, it is clear that the engineers emphasized bringing out its beauty. What stands out is the specific details in appearance that enhance its sophisticated appearance. For watch lovers, the beautifully decorated internal appearance is one like never before. The watch can be ordered in different colors, such as blue, bronze, and copper. Even the packaging is unique since both the plastic bag and inner box of FSC paper are recyclable. Sounds futuristic doesn’t it?

Support The Kickstarter Campaign

The HMDT is a game-changer in the watch industry. Be bold and support them. They are in a partnership with Kickstarter in a bid to source funding. Thecampaign is live now at As of August 31st, they already have 230 backers who have pledged over $97’000.

The deadline for support is Thursday, September 23rd, 2021, so there are 22 days to go.

Ready to join forces? If you want to join in on the innovation visit The HYBRID MECHANICAL Time Display’s Kickstarter Campaign.


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