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Must-Have Swag for your Phone

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Have you swagified your iPhone yet? No, I’m not talking about bedazzling it with swarovski crystals. Although… No. Definitely not. But an unadorned iPhone fresh out of the box with no meaningful accessories is as incomplete as a painting without a frame.

You can do better. You must do better. And if you are honest with yourself, you already want to. So rather than trying to convince you that adding swag to your iPhone is the right thing to do, let’s just talk about a few of the many available products that will help you do it:

An Open and Shut Case



The obvious first place to start is a good case. The great thing about iPhone cases is that they tend to last you through two years of upgrades. The iPhone only changes in form factor every other year. That means that the iPhone 5s case you bought years ago is still good for the iPhone SE. It takes a while for Apple to give up on an iconic design. That means you don’t have to give up on an iconic case.

Cases come in all shapes and styles. There is no best case scenario, only the best case for your scenario. You can add a touch of class by going with something leather. There are cases that flip open and close to cover the screen. You can get the flip style or the folio style. You can even get cases that double as wallets.

Thing is, you are going to need multiple cases for it to be considered swag. One case works for one kind of situation. But what if you need to go from the business iPhone to the beach iPhone? For it to be considered swag, there is a 3-case minimum. Where you go from there is entirely up to you.

What’s up, Dock?


Where do you plug in your iPhone? Is it in the office, or by the bed? This is a trick question. The answer is both. That’s why you need two docks. One of them should probably be something like this eye-popping, CalypsoCrystal iPhone Dock. It looks great on a desk or in a conference room. Like your $500 snakeskin shoes, it is meant to be seen, and to make an impression.

For geek cred, you might want to steer more toward the wireless charging docks. Sure, they have wires as they need to be plugged into the wall. And sure, they may not get your phone topped off quite as fast. And sure, the iPhone will need some kind of bulky case to make it work. But to the right crowd, it’s way cool.

Shoot to Thrill


Your iPhone whatever already has one of the best smartphone cameras on the market. That’s no excuse not to swag it up. Can the camera be better? Of course it can. All you need to do is add some swappable, external glass to it for that perfect fish-eye effect.

Sure, you can go with one of those cute little add-on lenses that you can find at the Apple Store. According to all the reviews, their pretty good. But you can do much better with something more swagalicious like the somewhat pricey, QX 10 or QX 100 from Sony. These are real cameras that use your phone’s screen remotely.

Timing Is Everything

If you keep time by wearing a nice watch, remember, you have two wrists. Make sure one of them is wearing an Apple Watch: the ultimate iPhone accessory.

Keep your iPhone in your pocket. Dick Tracy that phone call by answering it on your wrist. If you raise your wrist and say, Hey Siri, what’s 42 ÷ 3? while wearing an Apple Watch, some people will want to hit you. But most will want to be you. Also, your watch will let you know the answer is 3.5. How cool is that. That’s another trick question. There are no words for how cool that is.

If you pick up 3 cool cases, two docks, a wireless, paparazzi camera lens, and an Apple Watch, you will be over-swagged according to the laws of 7 (mostly southern) states. Avoid them. And do right by that iPhone of yours.



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