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The Best Wake Boats of 2024

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Experience the luxury and power of the foremost name in advanced technological wake boats, Supra.

Supra Boats go beyond the ordinary, integrating the latest technology to deliver a watercraft like no other. Every inch of a Supra wake boat is thoughtfully crafted with high-end materials for the ultimate luxurious experience. It wouldn’t be a Supra wake boat without the ability to create perfect waves for the ultimate ride every time. Let’s explore the full lineup of breathtaking wake boats from the most sought-after manufacturer of top-quality watercraft, Supra Boats.

Supra SE

Luxury meets performance with the cutting-edge technology found on the exclusive Supra SE. 2024 welcomes advancements to the industry-exclusive hull management systems, including AutoWake, Swell Surf System, and the Vision Control Center. The newly redesigned command center puts the driver in control, with one-touch access to lighting, surf, wake, and media systems. Monitor your riders with the high-definition rear-facing camera for unmatched visibility and peace of mind. 

Passenger comfort is not forgotten with the SE, with flexible seating arrangements, chill tech vinyl, and multiple storage options. Power comes standard with Supra, with performance-driven motors that cut through the water at lightning-fast speeds while boasting class-leading fuel efficiency and ultra-low emissions. There are truly too many features to count, making the SE one of the most sought-after wake boats of 2024. 

Supra SL

Bold and distinguished, the Supra SL boasts a sleek design and exceptional power. This driver-focused wake boat features modern materials and thoughtful design to ensure it meets the needs of the most scrupulous rider.

 Comfort comes standard, with distinctive touches and attention to detail for a luxurious experience on every ride. Where the SL’s beauty draws you in, its power blows you away with highly technological components that constantly monitor water conditions to allow for optimized performance. 

As with all Supra wake boats, the SL features exclusive wake technology systems, allowing you to create the perfect wave with the touch of a button. Dual thrusters ensure unmatched precision while driving, and the deluxe DSD premium audio system offers unsurpassed marine sound, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Explore the seemingly endless features of the dynamic Supra SL.

Supra SA

Make a statement in the unforgettable Supra SA. For those seeking unmatched precision and control, the SA is unrivaled. The advanced launch system delivers exceptional power to effortlessly lift any rider out of the water and get you on the plane faster. 

Specially designed thrusters allow for improved maneuverability and adaptability, providing greater control. The SA’s wake technology systems are so innovative that they have earned this exceptional wak boat the spot of the official tow boat of the Pro Wake Tour for six years running. 

It proudly boasts best-in-class horsepower and torque for superior power to handle water the water throws at you. The SA features advanced system controls that put the driver in control with an expansive touch-screen control center that allows for effortless monitoring of all onboard systems.

 Thoughtful designs like flip-up deck seating, chill tech vinyl, versatile seating options, non-skid flooring, and extensive storage secure the SA’s position as one of the most beloved wake boats on the market. Discover why the SA continues to reign supreme as the most powerful, performance-driven wake boat for discerning riders. 

Supra SV

For those with refined taste, the Supra SV offers the ideal balance of exquisite luxury and unrivaled performance. Comfort and performance reign supreme, making the SV a showstopping wake boat that checks all of the boxes.

 The aggressive styling and modern aesthetics create a bold, fresh look, embracing a new era of watercraft that defies expectations. Take your ride to the next level with the truly immersive symphonic sounds of the unparalleled DSD audio system. 

Grab attention with the newly redesigned tower, with integrated speakers, thoughtful storage, and enhanced functionality, proving that technology and beauty can live harmoniously. 

The one-touch control center showcases a cutting-edge technological display that puts control of the wake and surf systems, media, and lighting at the driver’s fingertips. Unleash unstoppable power with an Indmar Marine Engine, which delivers adrenaline-pumping acceleration for unforgettable rides every time. The Supra SV is a masterpiece of fearless styling and breathtaking power, making it the stand-out wake boat in its class. 

Discover the superior power and styling of the world’s leading wake boat manufacturer, Supra Boats. Embrace the luxury and refinement paired effortlessly with exceptional control and authority in the foremost name for premium wake boats, Supra Boats. 


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