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New Slim Ring Box Keeps Your Surprise a Secret

Sailun Tires

It’s the big day, You’re getting ready to take the plunge and ask the woman of your dreams to marry you. Despite your shortcomings, you’ve purchased the ring that will solve all your problems. You spend hours looking on the Internet for the perfect proposal plan. After planning the most elaborate way to surprise her, you find that concealing the brick box that contains the ring is nearly impossible.

So impossible, that Smeagol himself may take the “precious” ring from you before you can give it to your other half.

You may have the ultimate plan, but it will always be foiled by the ridiculous box.

Now imagine a ring box that is so thin, it could be mistaken for your wallet. Doesn’t exist right? Wrong. Andrew Zo has created the “Clifton”. A ring box the size of a thin wallet that when opened pirouettes the ring as if it were a ballet dancer – making the moment that will change your life just that more epic.

The price tag of $90 is also epic but after saving up for months and months to buy the precious ring, how much is keeping it a secret worth?

We at Swagger like to think, Priceless. Get it Here: The Slim Ring box


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