How to Migrate from Mac Mail to Microsoft Outlook

Most Apple users consider their standard apps quite convenient. It applies not only to
the email client, but also to notes, reminders, calendar, and music player. However,
Mac Mail is good only if you don’t compare it with other mailing apps. Therefore,
some people prefer transferring their correspondence to other mailing clients. How to
transfer files from Mac Mail to MS Outlook and why to do that — read below.

Key Features of MS Outlook

Before making a final decision and to export Mac Mail to Outlook, it is worth
considering what exactly this mailing app can offer to its users. Let’s look at the main
features of the MS Outlook:

1. Storage place: you start with 5 GB and then it increases over time. Your
Microsoft account also has cloud-based OneDrive storage.
2. Search capabilities: has a simple search option that allows you to
find the necessary data in any combination.
3. Security: this software includes 2-step verification. It also uses special icons for
messages from trusted senders. Suspicious spam messages appear with a red or
yellow warning signal.

4. Instant messaging: Outlook uses Skype for instant messaging. You can find the
Skype icon in the upper right corner of your inbox.
5. Contact management: you can import contacts from other mailing clients,
including Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live Mail, etc.
6. Extra Features: there is also a calendar, color themes, and many other features
at your service.
All these functions make MS Outlook a popular choice when selecting a mailbox for
corporate or private usage. However, there is also a question of how to arrange the
migration of files between two mailing programs. Let’s pay attention to the main

How to Export Mac Mail to Outlook
There are two available ways how to transfer files from Mac Mail to Outlook:
1) Manual: it applies manual copying, archiving, transferring, and unpacking files
between mailboxes. However, it takes a lot of time and storage place to
perform such a migration.
2) Automatic: you can use third-party applications to perform all your migration
tasks quickly and easily. This option is especially relevant for users, who need
to transfer gigabytes of important correspondence and do not want to waste
their working time.

If you don’t need any technical knowledge of transferring files between mailboxes, we
encourage you to use available software to perform these actions correctly. So, you
will be sure that files will not be lost or damaged, and you will be able to continue
business or private communication very quickly.
In Conclusion
When someone thinks about all the technical details related to the file migration, it
usually seems to be complicated. In fact, it is easy only if you want to register a new
mailbox without transferring contacts and related files. Now you know the features
which make Mac Mail to Outlook migration attractive. So, if you decide to change the
mailing client — make sure that your files will be accurately exported. Good Luck!


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