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Top 7 Luxury Sports Cars Of 2018 With Excellent Performance

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Expect outclass and sleeking designs from luxurious sports car of 2018. The features, styles and designs that these cars have to offer are beyond your imaginations. Additionally, the aerodynamic designs along with deluxe interiors have already made these sports cars, the cars of century.

It does not matter if you are concerned about the speed of the car, its handling abilities, cabin or the interiors, because each and everything is taken into the consideration for the luxury sports cars. Given below are top luxury sports car of the year 2018:

Aston Martin Vanquish S:

With smooth design and the renowned name Aston Martin linked with it, you can look forward to luxury, elegance and power – all in one. You must be wondering about the updated features of this classy sports car, well the best thing about this car is bi-xenon headlights, making the car distinct from others. Additionally, the other features of car include filter grill that is made of carbon, rear diffuser (whose purpose is to ensure good stability) and this car can drive you crazy up to the speed of 201 mph.

Honda Acura NSX:

One of the most exciting releases of 2018 in the world of luxurious sports car is Acura NSX. It is by far one of the highest end models of Acura in terms of luxury and performance. The exceptional wheels with great speed and braking system along with amazing sport suspensions have already made this sport car favorite and popular all over the globe. As far as the interior of the car is concerned, it is made of high-quality stuff. The beautifully leather-wrapped seats are marvelous to look at and even better to hold you in place.

Jaguar C-X75:

We all are aware of the fact that Jaguar has never failed to deliver super amazing and luxurious cars; similarly, this sports car model of Jaguar is no exception. This sports car is quite different from the rest of the cars; the major reason is that the car offers hybrid electric system similar to the Acura NSX. The facilities that the car has to offer are all environment-friendly yet luxurious. Unfortunately, this car was only a concept and has never gone into production.

Toyota Supra:

Toyota is a well-reputed name in the world of luxurious sports cars. Redesign of this brand is expected to release very soon, named as Toyota Supra. The car is designed in such a way that it is very light weight. This has been made possible by the help of carbon fiber along with aluminum material. The interior has more leg rooms to offer as compared to the previous versions. The engine used in this new Supra is shared with the new BMW Z4.


BMW cars are the all-time favorite automobile of driving enthusiasts. The company has got the privilege of being one of the top-selling luxury car manufacturers. One of the best sports crossovers in the world is the BMW X6 M. It has brilliant exterior design and unbeatable speed with exceptional engine. Latest tech has been used for its production.

Nissan GT-R:

Nissan GT-R is still one of the biggest names in sports car industry, years after its original realese. This performance car was originally designed in 2010 and it has now been updated with better and latest features. With spacious seats, finest fabric, luxurious interior and advanced software, it has already made its place.

Honda Civic Type R:

Among the 10th generation of Civic, Honda Civic Type R is the coolest one with excellent performance for its money. The whole suspension design is based on aerodynamic system. Moreover, it is hard to beat the horsepower of this little sports car, which is up to 300. The car is available in a number of colors.

Thanks to technology:

Have you ever thought, how would be your life be without technology? Must be very boring indeed. Technology has provided us with numerous ways that can help us generate such amazing cars that are entirely eco-friendly and never fail to provide comfort and luxury at the same time. Today’s sports cars are packed with best features and latest technology. These cars truly justify their high cost because of the intricate details that goes into their planning and manufacturing.


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