Editor’s Picks: CES 2019’s Top 20 Most Innovative Products

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It was the most wonderful time of the year at CES 2019  for all of us geeks who love gadgets, technology, automobile and consumer electronics. Of course, we’re talking about the biggest annual tech convention that happens annually: the CES or Consumer Electronics Show. If you missed this super awesome, but it’s not too late to find out all about the latest technology that  could soon end up in your home, office, or garage.

From the latest in drone technology to the newest in boxing condition, here 20 of the coolest items presented at CES 2019:

1. Beyer Dynamic

Beyer Dynamic at CES 2019 - SWAGGER Magazine

Specializing in headphones, Beyer dynamic launched the Lagoon ANC premium bluetooth headphones with sound personalization. It allows the user to get the most out of his or her headphones with a custom acoustic experience. While the Lagoon ANC was the star of the Beyer Dynamic show at CES 2019, there were also other products from its Mimi Defined, BYRD range. We love the BYRD compact headphones a multi-functional, ergonomic headset with a flat in-ear design.

2. Byton

Byton at CES 2019 - SWAGGER Magazine

Premium electric Byton wants to launch the “world’s first intuitive vehicle.” The Chinese auto manufacturer wants to change the driving experience with flashy technology that’s almost unimaginable! The company’s  M-Byte concept is due to be released sometime in 2019 and it’s designs are in the near-final version. One of it’s highlight features is a massive 48-inch screen on the dashboard. You got that right! 48 inches. Don’t worry. The company claims that it’s not on the line of sight of the driver, so it shouldn’t be dangerous on the road.

3. Bot Bxer

Bot Bxer at CES 2019 - SWAGGER Magazine

If you’ve ever tried Martial Arts or boxing then you know how a punching bag works. Well, Bot Boxer is about to change the way you train with a “smart punching bag” that can adapt to your fighting style and skill level. It can dodge your punches, bob, weave and more. By analyzing your movement and pressure, it can predict exactly when you will hit next. This is the perfect equipment to have at home if you don’t have anyone to train with regularly. Couldn’t help but wonder if the Bot Boxer can handle Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao. What do you think?

4. Furrion

Furrion at CES 2019 - SWAGGER Magazine

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, Furrion comes up with a 78-foot customized yacht that relies on a comprehensive AI system called “Angel.” Some of its features include facial recognition, voice controls, smart mirrors, and more. It can even help you order your favorite food from the kitchen! It’s like having your own personal assistant when your at the high seas. If you have $5 million dollars lying around, then this baby can be yours. Sounds like a great way to impress your friends, doesn’t it?

5. The Tipsy Robot

The Tipsy Robot at CES 2019 - SWAGGER Magazine

Robotic arms that can mix you a drink in 90 seconds or less… can you imagine that?! The Tipsy Robot is the perfect piece of technology you need if you want to have a good time and party with your friends. You can even customize your drink using the bar’s app. These hi-tech marvels can make as much as 120 drinks an hour! Sounds like a great buddy for happy hour, eh?

6. 1More

1more at CES 2019 - SWAGGER Magazine

Made for audiophiles and music lovers, 1More’s Penta Driver In-Ear Headphones is the perfect balance of sound quality and noise cancellation. It is designed for comfort and functionality. Even the actual earbud is designed for functionality to allow you to enjoy your listening experience even more. This one-of-a-kind headphones is expertly tuned by Grammy Award-winning sound engineer, Luca Bignard.

7. Orion Car Audio


When it comes to car audio, it’s hard to find anyone louder than Orion. As usual, the historical brand showcased high performance car audio and hardcore attitude to match. More components and amplifiers on their website!

8. Navatics


The Navatics underwater drone allows you to take breathtaking photos and videos during our underwater ventures. Some of its features are built-in active stabilization, 500m radio frequency, integrated color, and more. If you’re into diving or just want something new to help you capture the stunning beauty of nature, then Navatics is the perfect new toy for you to bring on your next adventures.

9. Memphis Car Audio


Having been in the business for more than 50 years now, you can expect nothing but top-quality stuff from these guys. On display on the CES Booth this year was the SlingShaq, Shaquille O’Neal’s custom built Polaris Slingshot stretched wide to accommodate Shaq’s ginormous 7 foot 1 inch frame. For maximum audio enjoyment on the ride, it uses a custom Memphis system with  18 speakers!

10. Skiin.com

Skiin at CES 2019 - SWAGGER Magazine
Photo: Skiin.com

Got the cold temp always bothering you? Check out Skiin! It started out as a Kickstarter project aiming to introduce super comfortable base layers designed for for efficient, targeted heat. It allows you to adjust the temperature of the Knitted technology using an app, no wires necessary! It’s a marriage of premium fabric and maximum technology that allows you to enjoy heat in the parts of your body that are most sensitive to the cold. Plus, it’s absolutely machine washable and convenient to bring during travels.

11. Soul Electronics

Soul Electronics at CES 2019 - SWAGGER Magazine

Last year, Soul launched a powerful  A.I. Sports earphones with Biomech Engine which can supposedly help improve your running technique. Well, the brand taking it a step further this year with BLADE, a wireless fitness coach wit  a smart heart rate sensor. It uses the BiomechEngine™️ technology, which can help improve your running with real-time voice coaching. This little device can help improve your running posture and even reduce overall injury. Don’t worry, it still maintains high-quality audio to help you stay motivated throughout your runs.


AEE USA at CES 2019 - SWAGGER Magazine

A drone that’s also a phone case? Now, that’s interesting! That’s what AEE brought to CES this year. The device is so small, you wouldn’t believe it’s an actual drone. It can capture photos at 13MP or record 1080p aerial videos. You can easily command a drone using a mobile app. It even has a face tracking feature that allows it to follow users at different angles. Now that’s way more fun to use than a typical selfie stick!

13. Blue Designs

Blue Designs at CES 2019 - SWAGGER Magazine

If you’re looking for a studio-quality microphone at a reasonable price, then check out the latest from Blu Designs. It’s the perfect device for amateur video content producers looking for ways to improve their streams, video productions, or recording sessions, and more. The best part? It’s only $100! Now that sounds like a pretty good deal.

14. The House Of Marley


In case you don’t know yet, the House of Marley is owned and operated by the family of the amazing musician, Bob Marley. The company releases products that Bob Marley himself would approve. For the CES 2019, the brand released eco-friendly headphones and earphones. The star of the brand’s show at CES 2019 this year was their first pair of true wireless earbuds called Liberate Air. They’re perfect for enjoying Bob Marley’s music while keeping the planet happy.

15. Mee Audio

Mee Audio CES 2019

For 10 years now, MEE audio has been committed to delivering nothing but quality Music Enjoyment for Everyone. For the CES 2019, MEE featured the Pinnacle P1 High Fidelity Audiophile In-Ear Headphones with advanced acoustics and superior ergonomics. Check this out if you want superb sound quality and earphones that area absolutely beautiful to look at!

16. Yuneec


Chinese drone manufacturer released the Yuneec Mantis Q, a foldable drone that’s small but super powerful. It features interesting advance features such as voice control and facial detection. It only weighs 1 pound and is the ideal companion for all your adventures! This hi-tech toy also makes a great gift for people who love travelling.

17. Powerbass

Powerbass at CES 2019 - SWAGGER Magazine

Are big trucks your thing? Then you the 2017 F-350 fitted with Powerbass products displayed at the CES is a must-see! It proves that size that matter and big things do attract attention.

18. Sennheiser

Sennheiser at CES 2019 - SWAGGER Magazine

For this year’s CES, Sennheiser showcased the new Ambeo Soundbar at CES 2019. A prototype of the product was introduced in 2018 but the product is now on its final version. It promises an immersive experience that will appeal to home theater enthusiast and anyone who enjoys good acoustics.

19. JVC

Exofield at CES 2019 - SWAGGER Magazine

Trusted brand JVC released a new line of headphones and projectors for CES 2019. The brand’s  new Bluetooth sport headphones are specifically built for runners who want a built-in Biomechengine coach. It offers real-time coaching so you can easily correct your running stance and help you improve your overall form. The brand also released home theater projectors achieved that achieved the world’s first THX 4K HDR Certification.

20. Nissan


The popular automobile brand released the eye-catching all-new Nissan LEAF NISMO RC during the CES 2019. It’s an electric race car with twice as much power as its predecessor. It also offers more range and produces more horsepower. The car was developed by Nissan’s racing arm NISMO. This baby from the Japanese automaker is expected to be on display at Formula E races and major show.

Did you get a chance to attend CES 2019? Let us know which one was your favorites, or share your pics and videos with us at editor@swaggermagazine.com. For the latest tech content, check out our Gear + Tech colomn for more.



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