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Going on a Date? Here is What Every Man Should Wear

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The majority of men do not care about what they wear on a date. Some just grab a jacket, and off they go for a romantic dinner date without even taking a shower. If this defines you, then you have the answer to why the majority of your dates don’t go well. You need to groom well and appear on a date looking sharp. Well, not the interview-like sharpness; let’s just say looking hot. You want to impress her, right? You should not leave anything to chance then. Here are some of the essential items to wear on a date.

Quality Clothing

Your “date” won’t be spending the whole afternoon preparing and choosing her clothes carefully to impress you, and you just show up in some rugs. Take your time to select some quality clothes for the date. Be careful about the colors you choose. Dark and neutral colors will go well for a man whether during the day or at night. Don’t forget nice underwear just in case the date ends up in the bedroom of one of you. Get some lovely boxer that fits well. Well, not necessarily because it’s going to be seen, but your comfort matters from the outside to the inside.

Nice Cologne

80% of women are attracted to a man who wears nice cologne. Have you heard of something called pheromone? This is a sense of smell that has to do with sexual attraction. Science has it that human beings can get attracted to each other based on how they smell. A pleasant fragrance is, therefore, a key to finding the love of your love. Of course, this is important if you’re going there to find love, which is the primary purpose of going for a date anyway. A woman will pay a lot of attention to your smell just the same as she cares about your dressing. So, don’t be such a careless bugger and get yourself some pleasant smelling scent for a positive first impression.

Don’t Forget a Watch

A nice watch is a perfect way to define a man. It is the only jewelry a man has, so you should ensure you don’t forget to wear one when going on a date. You’re not wearing it to keeping looking at it in the middle of a conversation as if you’re getting late for some delegate meeting. As I said, it’s more of jewelry, not a timer.

Your watch doesn’t have to be so expensive for you to impress. Some women don’t even pay attention to the prices of watches leave alone, noticing that you’re wearing an old watch. Just make sure it has beautiful straps; metallic straps can do the trick. Oh, be prepared for an explanation as to why you would go for your phone to check the time, yet you’re wearing a watch, just in case.

Make proper grooming a routine so that you don’t have to struggle to dress up when you have a date. Have a sense of style and be comfortable in anything you choose to wear, whether on a first date or a romantic adventure with your woman.



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