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Should Men be Exploring Alternative Options to Dating Apps When it Comes to Socializing Online?

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As many as one in three adults in the USA have said they have used a dating app in the past, and 12 percent of these have had a committed relationship through this avenue. This makes dating apps one of the most common ways people socialize with strangers in an online setting. With people turning to internet solutions for more and more aspects of life, these numbers are set to increase. But are dating apps really the best way to socialize? Some men may find that alternative online methods are better suited to them.

Dating Apps Can be a Good Way to Get Chatting to Strangers

There is no doubt that dating apps have made things a lot simpler when it comes to finding people to socialize with online. Users can trawl through endless lists of people that they may be interested in, and the advanced algorithms help to put people in touch with the right matches. The whole business can seem a bit tiresome, though, and can take the magic out of finding new people to speak to.

Another thing that can happen with dating apps is that they become too saturated. On even the most popular and efficient apps, the match results can often drop to zero. When users are left with nobody to interact with on the platform, it can become quite disheartening. They may also be faced with the same profiles over and over again, even after having previously swiped on them before.

Despite the usefulness of dating apps for socializing, it seems that the users don’t actually like them that much. Around 56 percent of people had negative things to say about dating apps, and some common concerns about them appear to be prevalent. For instance, many agree that it is hard to evaluate character online. There is little opportunity to use your instincts about someone until you actually meet them face to face. 

Gaming Can Represent an Exciting Alternative

Other online options can help men find people to socialize with, and some of them are way more interesting than dating apps. Indeed, online bingo could now be seen as a relatively untapped resource for meeting people. The game is flourishing in a digital setting, and it has now been found that the most common age range playing the game is between 25 and 34.

There are so many sites to choose from as well, with the best new bingo sites tending to offer welcome bonuses for new players. Not only can people enjoy games of bingo, but these sites also represent a solid opportunity for chatting with like-minded people. Online bingo operators have been trying to recreate the social aspect of the game for some time, and they have begun to achieve this through chat rooms and online communities. 

Another way that men are meeting friends online is through MMORPGs like World of Warcraft. The sprawling internet game is played by 4.88 million people, meaning there is a vast amount of potential friendship prospects lurking within the fantasy world. There have even been some cases of people going on to get married after having met in the Blizzard Entertainment title.

When it comes to socializing online, it’s time for men to think outside of the box and look towards untapped resources. Rather than trawling through dating apps, it may be a more enjoyable experience to play games while chatting to potential future friends.


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