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Want a More Ethical Cup of Coffee? There’s an App For That!

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For some coffee drinkers, an “ethical cup of coffee” is little more than a marketing tool and a buzzword: get a cappuccino in a special colored cup, hope that the upcharge in price goes to the right charity (it says as much on the cup, anyway), and call it a day. 

For others, however, getting an ethical cup of coffee is a way of life. As people become increasingly aware of the correlation between colonialism and coffee — and as Americans, in general, become more “woke” to such things as worker’s rights and fair trade — the need to find that perfect cup of ethical coffee is becoming ever-more-real. 

Now, what if we told you that there was a way to find an ethical cup of coffee using an app that uses the latest, cutting edge, blockchain technology? 

It’s called the iFinca app — and it promises to be the wave of the future. 

What Is Blockchain?

Before we go any further, it helps to understand what we mean by blockchain technology. Sure, it’s a phrase that’s bandied around a lot, but few — if any — really understand what it is, what it does, and why it’s important to have in apps and computer programs. 

So, what is blockchain

In a nutshell, blockchain is a type of digital diary of sorts. Though the technology originally emerged in the cryptocurrency world — specifically as it relates to Bitcoin and Ethereum — blockchain is used in most financial transactions today. Without getting too deep into hardcore programming, suffice it to say that it’s a great way of record-keeping that’s both secure and incorruptible. 

So how does iFinca use blockchain technology to help you find your next ethical cup of coffee?

iFinca Leverages Technology For Better Coffee

iFinca’s proprietary platform uses blockchain technology to streamline trade. By using the iFinca app, the socially conscious consumer can literally trace the roots of their latest cup of coffee. And that’s not all: by using iFinca’s secure end-to-end technology, the end user can literally “tip” their grower. By empowering their users with this invaluable information, iFinca ensures that every actor in the supply chain has equal access to information. 

“The issue of transparency and being able to trace coffee to its origin is very important. It means being able to understand the way it was cultivated, how it moves around the world,” said Néstor Osorio, former Executive Director of the International Coffee Organization and former Ambassador to the UK and the United Nations, in a statement. “As a platform, iFinca is the answer to how we innovate, to how we answer that question bringing producers and consumers closer together.”

Believe it or not, it’s actually very easy to find iFinca-verified coffee at participating cafés and roasters. All you have to do is look for the “Meet The Farmer” QR code in the café, which can be then scanned on the iFinca app. The iFinca app is available in both the Apple and the Android stores.


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