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6 Biggest Men’s Fitness Industry Trends For 2022

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In the last couple of years, most people have become more informed on the vast importance of staying healthy and fit. Body fitness and mindfulness have become a trend worldwide, resulting in a rapid increase in the size of the global fitness industry.

Today, an increasing number of people are opting for a more healthy and proactive life. The benefits of living healthy and fit are well known to all – it makes you strong physically and mentally.

This article aims to look at the most noticeable fitness trends in the industry for the year 2021 and beyond. These are some of the trends that are taking the fitness industry by storm.

1. Wearable technology 

Wearable technology has become a buzzword in the fitness industry since 2016. The invention of devices such as Oculus Rift has given fitness a new definition. Wearables have continued to come first in the list of trends for the last decade, and in the 2020s, we should expect an improvement in this modern technology. 

Wearables in the fitness industry consist of smartwatches and fitness trackers. You will also find them in a wide range of devices like GPS trackers, heart rate monitors. The accuracy and capability of such devices have improved over the years. Some of these devices are now offering AI and VR in them to make exercise more enjoyable.

The new technology makes it easier for those exercising to endure for long and enjoy a workout. They make the exercise experience fun and multidimensional, making it easier for individuals to meet their fitness goals.

2. High hygiene standards at the gym

Gyms have to meet a high standard in 2021 and beyond. In the 2020s, many people will be more concerned about staying in perfect shape by exercising.

The majority of people would prefer self-training at home. Although there is more than local gyms can offer, most people would only visit the gym because they are clean and don’t risk contracting the coronavirus.

Most people are now concerned about having the highest standards of protection from Corona. The pressure is now on the gyms and other training facilities to guarantee their members the highest hygiene standards.

Gyms observing the highest level of hygiene in 2022 will be a top priority if they look forward to winning back the majority of individuals who’ve opted to work out in the comfort of their homes.

3. Growth in online fitness 

In 2022 and beyond, we are likely to witness significant growth in online fitness. For instance, the demand for bachelors in exercise science is growing given the increasing opportunities for fitness coaches worldwide. 

The fitness industry is becoming more lucrative by the day, and the job chances for trainers will continue to rise.

The migration of fitness classes to online platforms was initiated when most countries enacted lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus during the pandemic. Most people would spend time indoors and follow fitness classes online.

Online classes proved to be more useful to those who could join live-streaming classes with their friends and meet new people online.

Those who are on a tight schedule would opt for recorded classes and watch when they are free. In the future, we should expect the burgeoning spheres of virtual fitness to continue. We should also expect online classes to change based on the growing needs of clients. Online fitness classes will be available for anyone intending to stay fit in 2022 and beyond.

4. Personal training is becoming more popular 

When individuals are busy at work, they can hardly have the time to research widely and develop a workout plan. This is where personal trainers come in place.

A personal trainer can help to design an individual-based fitness program tailored to meet specific goals like weight loss and endurance. Trainers also help individuals to meet their fitness goals. For example, URBN Playground has designed the URBN Burn program, which helps clients meet their goals in rest, mindfulness, healthy eating, and other fitness needs.

Most of the programs customized by personal trainers will usually emphasize accountability, self-care, equality, and work-life.

5. Mindfulness is now as important as body fitness 

In 2022 and beyond, most people will not only be concerned about physical fitness but also mindfulness. Fitness of the mind and body is becoming a top priority for most trainers. While most people are forced to work from home, spending many hours on the desktop is more demanding and stressful. There are reduced options for social activities and physical exercise.

For some people, the concept of HIIT or intensive workout does not add up to making them relaxed and fit. After a long day at work, most people now prefer to go for yoga and meditation. Mindfulness meditation and yoga classes have seen a major surge in 2021. There has been a significant increase in yoga equipment sales during the pandemic.

6. Increasing focus on High-Intensity Interval Training 

If you’ve heard the entire buzz about HIIT, there is a reason why it is ever-growing in popularity. This is a type of workout that features high-intensity exercise with intervals of low-intensity workout.

A high-intensity exercise is any type of exercise that increases your heart rate to about 90% of the maximum. It puts pressure on your cardiovascular system, making you breathe faster and sweat a lot.

The many benefits of HIIT make it a common style of workout in modern gyms. This type of exercise helps you burn calories faster than low-intensity workouts. They normally take the shortest time compared to low-intensity workouts hence more preferable by those on a busy schedule. This workout is often suggested to sports athletes to improve their performance. The NBA, loaded with young talent, often recommends HIIT training to keep the athletes in shape. 

HIIT is becoming more popular today, and the increase in PubMed articles covering this area is a clear indication that many people are looking forward to HIIT in 2022. Most publications are now covering the many benefits of HIIT for adults and kids.

Final Thoughts 

A lot is changing in the fitness industry as many people are now forced to work remotely. More and new alternatives for fitness are gaining popularity today, and we can expect them to keep improving in the years to come. The six trends highlighted here should help you plan your fitness programs to meet the increasing demand in the industry.


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