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Find Extreme Comfort in the Eysom Slim Zip Pant

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You don鈥檛 need to be a style guru to notice the luxurious look of the EYSOM Slim Zip Pant. At $220, they鈥檙e more expensive than your basic joggers. Just like you can intuitively perceive the difference between a bespoke suit from off-the-rack, we can easily breakdown why these are the ultimate pants for anyone who lives an active life.

Impeccable Fit

If you鈥檙e swimming in baggy sweats, that鈥檚 probably a sign you haven鈥檛 upgraded to the athleisure trend. These pants pay attention to tailoring and proportion to give you a clean, sleek look. Whether you鈥檙e an avid cross-fit enthusiast or dedicated yogi, these pants meld to your body and look great on all body types.

Meticulous Construction

Most current athletic pants follow the same construction templates of every other slack that has been around. These pants take it a step further by re-imagining how a performance pant can be constructed to have the versatility of your favourite dress pant 鈥 and by adding details like hand-cut pockets, individual hand-embossed logo, and made-to-order, hand-assembled zippers. All this is assembled with the finesse and dedication of LA鈥檚 top craft-makers.


Sophisticated Quality

It may seem like all performance fabrics are equal. They have moisture-wicking and stretch, but are all materials truly the same? We know when you feel these pants you will instantly know the material is both luxurious and extremely durable. They can endure continuous squats and deadlifts while looking new through the years鈥攏ow that鈥檚 genuinely enduring quality.

Attention to Detail

You have a level of expectation with your favourite timepiece and blazer, should your workout pants be any different? The waistband has a slight curve for a better fit. There are five pockets to securely hold all your daily gear. The zipper at the leg gives you enough length to pull on and off with ease while maintaining a sleek, tailored shape. There鈥檚 no more reason for mediocrity when it comes to dressing for everyday style.

Timeless Refinement

Is there anything worse than regretting a purchase that you鈥檝e made? These pants will continue to be your essential go-to versus a momentary fad. Whether you鈥檙e jet-setting or running to a lunch meeting, these black pants seemingly adapt to your surroundings as to your favourite high-intensity class. Looking good means feeling great鈥攖hat鈥檚 what a healthy, stylish life is all about.

Extreme Comfort

You鈥檝e likely gotten used to prioritizing comfort in the newfound quarantine life. Well, these pants have zero tolerance for anything, but 鈥搕he fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking. There is enough stretch to adjust to any asana, or simply for a weekend Netflix binge. Whatever the activity, you鈥檒l feel right at home.

The Eysom Slim Zip Pants and other quality Eysom products are available online聽 and currently come in black only. Check the size guide to determine the best true fit for you. Currently, every purchase goes towards helping homeless youth, so your dollar makes the most impact on your life and others. Take your athleisure wear to the elite level.


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