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5 Hacks To Naturally Boost Your Testosterone

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Guys, are you having a hard time shedding a few extra pounds? Maybe it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get aroused as you get older? Maybe you feel like you don’t have the energy you used to have when you were tearing it up in college? All of these issues can be linked back to low T.

Yes, testosterone, the hormonal fountainhead of your masculinity can start to dry up as you age if you aren’t careful. But testosterone isn’t just the hormone that controls your sex drive. It does much more than that. Higher levels of testosterone have been linked to lower risk of disease and mortality.1 Testosterone also plays a major role in burning fat, regulating your bone density, improving muscle mass and strength, and regulating the production of red blood cells and sperm. 

Luckily, there are a few lifestyle hacks that can naturally get your testosterone pumping again, making you feel like a college kid, waking up in your dorm room with that morning wood at the start of every day. And before implementing these testosterone boosting hacks, it would be smart to get a blood test to see where your testosterone levels are now so you have a baseline T level to improve.

1. Get Plenty of Sleep – Yes this sounds obvious, but the truth is most guys these days aren’t getting enough sleep and it’s really disrupting their hormone levels. Whether it’s stress from your job, staying up late to work on your business, or just playing video games, the jury is out, and lack of sleep has a very negative impact on your testosterone levels. If you’re a busy guy that likes to stay up late to burn the midnight oil and get more work done, try setting a hard bed time you abide by, and get at least 8 hours of quality sleep. That way you can work hard, while improving your testosterone. And also realize that better sleep, and better testosterone equals you being much more productive during the day.

2. Exercise RegularlyAgain, another obvious life hack here, but a powerful one. This might be the #1 way to boost your testosterone naturally. The goal here is to lift heavy weights, just a few times per week. Something along the lines of 3 sets of 4-6 reps of heavy lifting. And try to hit the big muscles like legs, shoulders and back. Especially legs. Working out your legs through squats and deadlifts turns your body into a testosterone factory, telling your body to manufacture testosterone to build those muscles at exceptionally high levels. Get ready for morning wood the next day.

3. Cut Out The Low Fat DietsStudies show time and time again that low fat diets dramatically reduce testosterone levels in men compared to diets that are higher in fats. This may be due to the fact that saturated fats contain cholesterol, which is a precursor to testosterone. So if you want to build more testosterone naturally, start eating a higher fat diet.

4. Take More The Zinc & Vitamin D – You’ve probably heard the exaggerated truth that oysters increase your libido? That’s because they’re packed full of zinc. However it would taked eating dozens upon dozens of oysters to get the amount of zinc needed to make any real change to your T levels. Instead, take a zinc supplement and up your daily dose of vitamin D. Together these will help to increase testosterone in men who may be deficient.2

5. Reduce exposure to environmental toxins – Environmental toxins like endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in plastics have been known to disrupt and lower testosterone levels in men.3 So it’s best to avoid these at all costs. The best way to do this is to avoid plastic all together. Try to get your food straight from the butcher, the vegetable aisle, or a farmers market. Stick to organic foods to avoid pesticides. And use a good water filter to filter out all contaminants of tap water. Doing these will help keep your testosterone production from being disrupted by easily avoidable contaminants.

Bottom Line

Testosterone is an absolutely essential part of what makes you a man, and the more of it you have the more masculine, productive, attractive, and healthy you’re going to be. Your sex drive will go up, your risk of disease will go down, and your body fat percentage will fall. Take back control of your T and watch as your life improves.


 About The Author:

Jennifer Hardy,

Jennifer is a stay at home mom with 2 kids, who is an active contributor to She has been researching sleep science for years and is all about creating the perfect sleep sanctuary for herself because she knows how powerful good sleep can be on your health and beauty. She loves reviewing everything from comfortable pillows to the best mattresses.

1: Pubmed 
3: Sciencedaily 



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