5 Vitamins Worth Taking for Mens Health

Vitamins are essential for helping the human body function correctly. Indeed, if you’re deficient in certain vitamins or minerals, you tend to see some negative side effects.

For men, there are certain vitamins that are well worth getting in your diet. These should ideally be consumed via natural food products, but you can take vitamin supplements if your diet alone can’t provide you with an ample supply. Today, we look at five vitamins that are essential for men’s health:

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is mainly gained by exposure to the sun. Very few foods contain it, which is why many people end up with a deficiency in this vitamin. It’s essential for helping your bones grow strong, and there are many links between vitamin D and your immune system. However, it has an added benefit for men in that a deficiency in this vitamin has been strongly linked to low testosterone levels. So, keeping your vitamin D levels high can help to maintain – and possibly even boost – your testosterone levels. Of course, this is essential when it comes to reproduction!


Biotin is one of the many B-vitamins, and it is linked to a variety of benefits throughout the body. For men, the main one is that it can help make your hair stronger. Biotin is also believed to make your nails stronger, though this isn’t a common issue for men. It could also make your hair thicker, giving you the hair you always dreamed of. If you’re worried about your hair falling out as you get older, taking biotin supplements can really help you out. Of course, other measures will be needed to completely prevent hair loss, and even then it can be impossible. Still, this is a great way of delaying the process.

Vitamin C

While not an exclusive vitamin for men’s health, vitamin C is essential! It has many different uses in the body, with the obvious one being its positive effect on the immune system. When you don’t have enough vitamin C, you’re more likely to get sick and stay sick for longer. You can boost your vitamin C content by eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, but supplements are also available.

Furthermore, vitamin C has been linked to skin health. In essence, it can keep your skin healthy and prevent wrinkles from forming. If you want to keep a more youthful appearance for longer, this can be a great supplement for men to take.

One last note on vitamin C, a study found that men who took a vitamin C supplement every day saw a massive increase in their sperm count and motility. It also led to much healthier sperm cells, which is yet another reason to get this vitamin in your system. 

Vitamin B12

Another B-vitamin that men need in their bodies. B12 is one of the most underappreciated vitamins out there. Lots of people suffer from a B12 deficiency, particularly if they follow a plant-based diet as it’s mainly found in meat. It is shown to regulate many processes within the human body and is partially responsible for maintaining your energy levels. Men that don’t get enough vitamin B12 are known to feel constantly tired and fatigued. This vitamin also helps your nervous system function properly and is very important in maintaining your memory. There are studies suggesting that low levels of B12 have been seen amongst men suffering from dementia. So, it’s an all-round vitamin that all men need to ensure they get enough of every single day. 

Vitamin E

While a vitamin E deficiency is rare, it is still one of the key vitamins for men to ingest in their diets. It can help with the anti-aging process, which is why you often find skincare products infused with this vitamin. Additionally, vitamin E may be able to improve your libido, but the best benefit is that it can help to prevent prostate cancer. As you should be aware, prostate cancer is a serious problem for men all over the world. Studies have shown that maintaining high levels of vitamin E can reduce the risk of developing this form of cancer. Therefore, all men are encouraged to maintain good levels of this vitamin. 

As mentioned in the introduction, the ideal approach is to get all of these vitamins through your diet. If this isn’t possible, supplements should be used.

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