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A Day in the Life of a COVID Bachelor

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Everyone’s daily routine has changed significantly due to this pandemic. My story is no different — my daily routine as a bachelor living in the city has taken a complete 180-degree turn. However, like everyone else, I learned how to adapt so I could stay productive, healthy, and happy despite the state of the world right now. 

If you want to learn how I do it, read on to get a glimpse into my everyday life as a COVID bachelor. 

Morning Routine 


When working at my marketing firm, I had to wake up at 6 am every day to prepare for the day and beat traffic. However, now, I can sleep in a bit later as our first Zoom strategy meeting isn’t until 9 am. I’ll take this additional time to do some yoga, meditate, or make a cup of coffee or green tea. 


Breakfast can vary from day to day. Often, I’ll have a toasted bagel with a plant-based protein powder mixed with almond milk. However, if I’m doing cardio in the morning, I’ll skip breakfast altogether and fast until lunchtime. I’ll usually opt for something easy to make because I HATE washing too many dishes this early in the morning. 

The Afternoon 

We switched to working remotely at the marketing firm — which is great regarding social distancing. After the strategy meeting with my coworkers, I’ll spend my own time on the clock responding to emails, making phone calls, or working on pitches for clients. This can take up most of my morning and afternoon. 

Walking the Dog 

While I am a bachelor, this doesn’t mean that I’m entirely alone. Yoda, my adopted pug, has been keeping me company throughout lockdown. She’s usually ready for her walk around the afternoon. After wrapping up an intense bout of work, I’ll treat us both to a walk around the neighborhood. I’ll also bring a mask in case we need to stop anywhere for dog treats or groceries. 


I’m usually starving by midday, so it’s time to make lunch. I’ll usually make a salad with a side of protein. A vegetable stir fry is also my go-to. I know it’s easy to reach for junk food or order out. In fact, I spend the first half of quarantine making these major health mistakes. When I saw how large my takeout bill had gotten, it was a wake-up call. I deleted all the food delivery apps and began cooking for myself again. 

 The Evening 

Evening Workout: The evening is when I’ll typically squeeze in a workout. I miss going to a fitness center, but I’ve managed to make do at home. I alternate between doing cardio in the morning when the weather is nice and cool, and doing a bodyweight workout in my apartment to stay strong and toned. It’s usually a full-body routine and looks something like this. 

  1. I’ll start with a couple of sets of pull-ups to work my back. I ordered a pull-up bar on Amazon and installed it onto my door frame. It has been a game-changer. I’ll do 3 to 5 sets of 20 reps as a warmup. This exercise is great for my biceps, but it’s also incredible for my back. Since I’m working on the computer all day, I can’t let these muscles degenerate as they keep me from slouching. 
  2. Next, I’ll focus on my abs. I’ll typically do three to four exercises for this body part. Working the core is also important if you want to prevent postural imbalances from working on your laptop all day. 
  3. I’ll finish off the workout with some jumping squats to increase my heart rate and work out my calves and quads. 

Shower and Relax 

After working up a sweat, I’ll take the dog out again and finally relax with a hot shower. I’ll treat myself to one of my favorite activities in the evening after this to unwind. For example, I’ll video chat with a friend or go on a Zoom date before bed. 

Sometimes I’ll read, too. However, my guilty pleasure is binging on Netflix and snacking on popcorn. Since the pandemic, I’ll admit, I’ve been watching more movies and TV shows than usual. But I won’t turn on the TV until all my work for the day is done! 

 Wrapping Up My Day in the Life 

There you have it! Everyone’s daily routine has been turned upside down since the pandemic. From working from home to adapting my daily workouts, these are just some of the ways I have been able to maintain a sane and healthy lifestyle while being stuck in my apartment. 

Stay safe out there, everybody! 


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