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Essential Infusions Plus Offers Clients More With Liquivida’s Fountain of Youth IV Drips

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According to a news release by Fortune Business Insights, it is estimated that the medical aesthetics industry will be worth $45.91 billion by 2029.

As requests for services like BOTOX®, derma fillers, lip fillers and other treatments performed by licensed medical professionals continue to increase, it’s not surprising that IV vitamin drips are gaining traction as well.

Topical treatments are great when you want a quick fix. To maximize the results and expedite the healing process, IV vitamin drips, like Liquivida’s Fountain of Youth, take aesthetic treatments to a whole new level. 

From COVID to Aesthetic Solutions

Nurse practitioner Angelica McGough got the idea to open Essential Infusions Plus, an IV hydration and wellness service located in Rochelle and Rockford, Illinois, after seeing the great success patients were having with Myer’s Cocktails during COVID. As a hospitalist, she wanted to continue offering patients hope and the ability to give their bodies what they needed to heal themselves. 

After opening Essential Infusions Plus, McGough quickly expanded to offer men’s hormone therapy, medical weight loss, aesthetics, long-covid treatment, peptides and regenerative joint therapy.

Partnering with Liquivida

To McGough, providing hope and health to her community instead of just putting a bandaid on the problems was essential. She knew that high-quality products were the only way to ensure optimal results. After researching Liquivida IV vitamin therapy solutions, consisting of safe, sterile products that are free from preservatives and compiled from the best therapeutic doses of nutrients offered intravenously, she made the decision to add their products to her expanding menu of services. 

“We provide patients with the ability to give their bodies essential nutrients, peptides, and hormones to bring their bodies back into homeostasis. We do this in order to prevent illness, decrease recovery time, aid in energy, promote weight loss, combat aging, and so much more. Liquivida IV drips provide a high-quality product, and my patients feel the difference.”Angelica McGough, Essential Infusions Plus, Owner

Liquivida’s IV drips are an essential part of the company’s strategy to offer a variety of integrative therapies and provide patients with a strong foundation to build upon. 

The Fountain of Youth IV Drip

Since IV vitamin drips are administered directly into the bloodstream, they are one of the quickest ways to get the necessary nutrients into the body quickly so the body can use them.

As an aesthetic solution, Liquivida’s popular Fountain of Youth IV drip is specially formulated to enhance the health and look of the skin. It provides the body with essential nutrients for healthier hair and nails. According to Mcgough, many of their services complement each other, which makes the Fountain of Youth IV Drip an ideal treatment to combine with other aesthetic services.

“At Liquivida, we only use the best ingredients. Every IV vitamin drip that Liquivida offers is formulated to ensure that patients are given
everything they need for optimal health on the inside that
shows up on the outside.”Samael Tajeda, Liquivida Founder

How we treat our skin as we age matters. Topical solutions are good, but enhancing the outside by starting on the inside is even better. Nourishing your skin with Liquivida’s Fountain of Youth IV Drip gives skin a great head start for a better appearance in decades to come.

Essential Infusions Plus provides the Rochelle and Rockford communities access to the best in IV vitamin therapy solutions to support the body’s natural defenses all year round. They offer a variety of services, including IV therapy for women and men featuring Liquivida products, as well as education, consultation by a board-certified nurse practitioner, and aesthetic treatment solutions. Many of their services are offered through telehealth throughout Illinois (and soon, multiple states!).

As with any treatment, results may vary. It’s always best to discuss treatment options with a licensed medical professional to find the best aesthetic solutions to meet your needs. 

To learn more about Essential Infusions Plus, visit their website.

Liquivida, founded by Sam Tejada, distributes high-quality IV therapy products to over 4000 doctors nationwide. To learn more about their affiliate program and the products they offer, visit their website.

Contact Information:

Name: Samael Tejada
Company: Liquivida, a Health and Wellness Franchise
Phone: 1 (844) 548-2100
Address: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Name: Angelica McGough
Company: Essential Infusions Plus
Phone: 1 (815) 414-2024
Address: Rochelle, IL and Rockford, IL



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