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Hair Loss is Not a Sentence to Baldness

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Hair loss for many men is a fact of life. For those of you who are in their mid-20s or older, you may recall such things seemed strange in high school. For the most part, in your teenage years, it’s too soon to witness the passage of time on yourself and your peers. However, by 25 or so…it’s apparent. Some of your friends are losing their hair and fast. Your friend begins wearing a hat all the time, “I don’t remember Jim being so fond of baseball caps”, you might think to yourself. No matter the occasion, the hat stays on. At the park? Hat. Beach? Hat. In the pool? Well, you won’t find him in the pool because he’ll have to take his hat off.

Are you Jim? There’s good news. Hair restoration with PRP is a potent treatment for counteracting hair loss. Studies have found PRP treatment to improve the outcome of androgenic alopecia.

What Are The Common Causes of Hair Loss For Men?

Hair loss is something that occurs to many men in mild or severe forms.


Hereditary Factors – This one is perhaps the hardest to cope with for many men because it feels like fate. Like “Jim” in our example above, natural hair loss often occurs for many men beginning around their mid-20s for early-onset or beginning around the turn of their 30s. This is a difficult thing for anyone to deal with, as this time is generally a goodbye to your youth and a transition into full adulthood.

These are all just feelings, of course, you’re as young as you feel! However, hereditary hair loss can feel like the harbinger of doom and the transition point of being an old man. Anyone in their 40s who is living life would laugh at the silliness of this idea! One thing is for certain: if you are losing hair due to hereditary factors, it will not come back unless you receive treatment for it.

Hormonal Factors – The follicles on your head are highly sensitive to the cascading effects of changing hormones. A poorly functioning thyroid or outright hypo/hyperthyroidism is a hidden culprit for weight gain and hair loss for many people. You don’t have to have an autoimmune condition to have a poorly functioning thyroid. Sometimes it’s a temporary product of poor diet, sleep, and excessive stress.

For those who do have hypothyroidism, it is actually the underperforming thyroid which has gradually caused hair thinning. The thyroid is a very fickle gland and hair loss caused by thyroid issues may or may not be fixed by medication. It can take even a full year or two by some accounts for it to come back if at all.

What is PRP and How is it Used in Hair Restoration?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy is a type of treatment that is used in many different restorative and medicinal avenues. Plasma is the liquid component of your blood that is largely comprised of water and proteins. Red and white blood cells circulate through it along with platelets that are responsible for clotting. Platelet activation is a crucial part of the body’s healing process.

As you can imagine, platelet-rich plasma is a concentrated solution of your own blood platelets. The solution is obtained by spinning your blood in a centrifuge to separate out the platelets so that they can be concentrated.

Using the regenerative power that PRP has, a solution is prepared so that it can be delivered to the area of the scalp that is experiencing thinning or dramatic hair loss. PRP injections have been proven to be effective at mitigating thinning and regenerating damaged follicles using the power of your own body’s healing!

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