Holistic Healing Center in Mexico Offers Sacred Plant Therapy with Astounding Recovery Rates for Addiction, Depression, PTSD

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Many of us have a friend or even dealt personally with dependency. Western medicine defines addiction as a powerful desire for drugs, and not using leads to the most unpleasant effects (you may have noticed in the dark areas of your city). Sadly, addiction impacts one’s mental, physical, mental, and even social health, affecting life on many levels.

Are the numbers terrifying?

According to the SAMHSA (the Substance Abuse and mental Health Service Administration), there are around 23 million Americans needing treatment for substance abuse. 2.5 million people in the U.S. benefit pharmacotherapy, with medications, behavioral therapy, and a combination of the two (there are many techniques, nevertheless). One can only wonder what happens to the other 20 million…

Should you ask a conventional doctor, he’s going to tell you how addiction is a chronic disease, which means that there is no cure. Treatment aims to help the patient deal with the symptoms for the rest of his life. It may sound incredible, but the optics haven’t changed for years, and the therapies have been the same (more or less) for decades now.

Let’s not forget about relapse, with 40 to 60% of the patients recovering from drug dependency relapsing. So it makes perfect sense to wonder how come western medicine is failing people with addiction? Do they stand a chance? Do they have other options? Luckily for them, the solution comes from the alternative/complementary medicine. And more and more people are switching from traditional medicine to CAM for so many (and obvious) reasons.

How come people turn to CAM for addiction treatment? Does it even work?

CAM treatment isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s the same for Western medicine. CAM is a general term that includes various therapies.  According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), complementary refers to “non-mainstream” treatments that are utilized together with traditional techniques.

On the other hand, alternative refers to the “non-mainstream” methods that are utilized in place of conventional techniques.

Natural products are one of the categories of CAM approaches. It seems that almost 20% of Americans were using natural products in 2012. Minerals, vitamins, herbs/botanicals, probiotics, and special diets are natural products.

The mind and body practices make the second category, and the name is quite the tale-teller. Meditation, yoga, massage therapy, acupuncture, tai chi, traditional Chinese medicine, ayurvedic medicine, healing touch, and so many more therapies are considered alternative therapies. As a matter of fact, the list is very long, which may explain why patients (addicts as well) turn to alternative treatments.

What is this Holistic Healing Center in Mexico that people are talking about?

If you’re new to holistic medicine, the chances are that you’ve never heard of something called the Pouyan Method. Remember all the therapies used in alternative medicine? Well, it seems that the Holistic Healing Center in Mexico (which is a five-star luxury treatment center) is the only place where you can benefit from the Pouyan method.

“One day, I was feeling a bit of discomfort due to reductions in my meds and I told Johnny. Within hours, I was back feeling stable after he had just changed around some components in my IV bag. It was like magic”… said one former patient, who now has maintained nearly a year of total abstention from his previous addiction to painkillers, buprenorphine, and prescription sleep medications. Some kind of healing wizard he certainly seems to be, and for the price tag of $50k a month, people often arrive expecting sorcery. Patient surveys and a plethora of online testimonials indicate that they are not disappointed. In fact, a growing collective voices how angry they are that they had not tried the Pouyan Method first and that ‘this should be the standard rather than the alternative.

The Pouyan Method is a proprietary method and a treatment protocol that provides a lifetime guarantee. Anyone dealing with PTSD, addiction, depression, alcoholism, should try the treatments provided in the center as everyone benefits from custom treatments, according to their level of addiction, history, characteristics, and even interests in life.

For instance, patients will be given ibogaine following a particular protocol. Physical and mental detoxification is necessary before. Even medical professionals using ibogaine report a 50-80% success rate for people dealing with methamphetamine. However, at this Holistic Healing Center, patients will only be given natural methods, with natural products and techniques, non-GMO and organic food (and even raw diet for people taking ayahuasca or ibogaine) as fundamental for their healing.

Along with the Pouyan method, clients will benefit IV drip treatment, infused with strong amino acids for boosting neurotransmitters. The Ayahuasca Ceremony (not all patients participate) will provide a most immersive experience for healing.

Is the Holistic Healing Center in Mexico for everyone?

Should you look to change your life and lifestyle, this holistic healing center in Mexico is one place to start. The methods don’t address only to patients dealing with PTSD, depression, anxiety, or addiction, but to anyone ready to change their mind, body, and soul. As long as you’re prepared to change your diet, thoughts, and lifestyle, you will be able to heal whatever is affecting your life. To change one thing, you’re going to need to change everything, as they say.


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