Penguin CBD Review: Relaxation Has Arrived

You might write off stress as a “normal” emotion, but too much stress can actually be a matter of life or death. We don’t mean to get too gnarly off the bat, but it’s true! Scientists believe that stress may be the leading cause of death in the world, resulting in a number of fatal health conditions.

Stress can not only contribute to those conditions like heart disease and cancer, but can contribute to anxiety conditions as well — something that affects an upwards of 40 million (perhaps more) Americans. And those stats came before all the madness of 2020. 

So, what’s the point of laying out all these scary facts? To remind you of a very important message: it’s time to chill out.

America is amidst a serious mental health crisis right now, and it’s likely that you know that first hand. Almost everyone is experiencing some kind of mental health challenge, thanks to coronavirus and the global cultural climate. To paint a clearer picture: there was an over 1,000 percent (!!) increase in the amount of calls to a federal emergency hotline for emotional distress. On top of that, prescriptions for anxiolytics (anti-anxiety medication) and antidepressants are up roughly 10 percent in the past month (we’d guess even more at this point), meaning millions more people are in need of a solution to manage stress.

As you may have gathered, relaxing means more than just “chilling out”; it means taking health into your own hands, preventing illness, warding off disease and extending your life while improving its quality. Want to live a happier, healthier, longer life with fewer medical bills and more energy? It’s time to start systematically eradicating stress. 

Enter a possible way to help us keep chill: CBD. And even more specifically, Penguin CBD.

Whether you take one of Penguin CBD’s potent oils or capsules or you snack on their sour CBD gummy worms, you’re giving your brain and body the gift of stress relief. And thanks to 2020 stretching our coping mechanisms within an inch of their life, we’re going to need that gift now more than ever. While there are many unique tools for stress relief, we tend to opt toward as many natural, plant-based solutions as possible. This is where that CBD collection comes in — natural and plant-based cannabidiol to help us unwind.

How Does Penguin CBD Oil Help You Relax?

So you might be asking yourself — “Okay, Penguin CBD is natural and plant based, but how does it actually work?” Good question. For that, we need to get a tiny bit science-y, so hold on to your hat.

Did you know you have a system in your body designed to receive cannabinoids? The endocannabinoid system, also called the ECS, receives these cannabis compounds (cannabinoids) and helps the other systems in your body maintain stability and balance. This includes, of course, helping your brain and regulating moods.

The ECS comprises receptor cells in both the brain, and the peripheral and central nervous systems. These are called CB1 and CB2 receptors, and they “receive” those compounds we just mentioned, which include CBD (cannabidiol). Further explanation: there are phytocannabinoids from plants (including CBD) and endocannabinoids which are made within the body. 

If you ever wondered how it was possible for CBD to be able to do so many different things within the body that seem completely different—like regulating stress, decreasing pain, and stopping seizures—this is how it gets done.

So let’s say you’re stressed out. You see something upsetting in the news, you get a phone call from a crazy coworker, your dog won’t stop barking. So you reach for your CBD oil to get some relief. After holding the CBD oil under your tongue for a good 90 seconds and swallowing, the plant-powered supplement goes to work. First, the CBD compound activates CB1 receptors in the ECS. The CB1 receptors then send a message to your brain, basically triggering a relaxing effect, helping your mind to better manage your stress and anxiety.

Despite the progress made in hemp research in such a short period of time, we still don’t have an overwhelming amount of concrete data from clinical studies. However, researchers believe that when CBD binds to receptors, it could potentially elevate your serotonin levels. 

If you don’t already know, serotonin is a “relaxed” neurotransmitter (read: brain chemical), that helps you feel more calm. This same effect happens when you eat a lot of turkey. But with CBD it’s like turkey on steroids. Remember your last Thanksgiving dinner — were you supremely relaxed and perhaps a bit drowsy after wolfing down two drumsticks and half a quart of gravy? No judgment. Well, you can thank tryptophan. Turkey is chock full of it, and tryptophan tells your brain to make more serotonin.

In this case, with Penguin CBD, CBD works like the turkey/tryptophan and it tells the brain to make more serotonin once you ingest it. So, why not go for the plant-based route with CBD oil instead; not only is it healthier, but you also don’t have to unbutton your pants at the table every time. 

Again, this is all mostly a hypothesis, as we’re waiting for more firm conclusions from clinical trials.

But here’s some more obvious research that’s been published: one study showed that CBD can potentially help alleviate “anxiety-related behaviors,” — and now that 2020 feels like a dumpster fire of a year, it’s particularly exciting to know that Penguin CBD is a potential option for stress relief and stress management.

Why Does Penguin CBD Work Best?

The reason you can rest easy and relax deeper is the knowledge that Penguin CBD delivers a super safe, super clean, and super effective product.

The CBD industry is part of the supplement industry — the same industry as your favorite echinacea, turmeric, and magnesium products. While it’s exciting to know a hemp-based therapy is a gentle, natural, and safe supplement like the aforementioned herbaceous remedies, you should always keep in mind that this industry is not regulated by the FDA. What this means is that anyone — whether they’re a big brand or a dark web scammer — can put something on a label and claim it as the truth. Don’t be fooled!

Because that can lead to a scary experience, where you don’t know what you’re putting into your body (it could be pesticide soup, for all you know), it is extremely important to do a little research yourself and choose a trustworthy brand, thereby eliminating any excess stress. Fortunately, Penguin CBD makes this easy for you. They prove their claims with scientifically-backed, verified lab results that show their products are safe and effective. These are always the two biggest concerns with a CBD product.

So that way, you can drop some strawberry Penguin CBD oil under your tongue and not have a single worry floating in your head. No pesticides, no GMOs, no animal products, no heavy metals or mold or lead, and no THC — just pure CBD in a mixture of ultra-healthy hemp oil and MCT oil, with some tasty flavoring to sweeten the deal.

And if oil isn’t really your thing, you might want to opt for the sour gummy worms. Penguin CBD gummies are insanely delicious, and the neon bright, sour-sugar coated worms taste just like the ones you love from the movie theater. Except they’re not just tasty — this is a comfort food that kicks your stress to the curb!

Relaxation has arrived: try Penguin CBD, and know that you have nothing to lose — except stress. If you don’t feel stress relief, they’ll refund you without any questions asked. So that gives you even less to worry about. And we’ve got enough worry on our plates this year, don’t we?


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