Top Advantages of Taking Kratom Capsules

Kratom, which goes by ‘Mitragyna Speciosa’ is an herb native to the regions of Southeast Asia. It is packed with alkaloids like 7-hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine which carry a lot of healing properties for the mind and the body. 

Since the beginning of the 21st century, kratom gained popularity in the West – particularly because of its natural pain managing properties.

Other than managing pain, kratom carries several other benefits too which we discuss later in the post.

In America, you can buy kratom in several forms like powder, crushed leaves, extract, and capsules which you can buy from online stores like The Golden Monk.

This post talks about why it makes sense to invest in capsules and what benefits you stand to gain from them.

As powder – As a powder, you can just toss it at the back of your mouth and quickly rinse down the dose with water or a healthy beverage of your choice like juice.

As a tea – If you’re going to brew kratom in the form of tea, you can either buy kratom leaves or you can also use kratom powder for this purpose.

The recipe is simple. It’s just like making regular tea. Except, instead of using regular tea bags, you use kratom powder and let it brew for a good twenty minutes. For flavoring purposes, you can add lemon juice. To sweeten the pot, you can use stevia, honey, sugar, or any other sweetener of your choice.

As a capsule – This is pretty similar to taking kratom in the form of powder. The only difference is, with capsules, you’re concealing the taste entirely. Many users are not able to tolerate the bitter, off-putting taste of kratom. For them, capsules are a lifesaver. You can measure your dose and wash it down with water after popping it like a pill in your mouth.

As a vape – This is basically a way to ‘smoke’ kratom. However, we suggest that you stay away from this method of vaping. It can be dangerous. It’s always better to ingest kratom orally rather than trying to smoke it. This is also the least explored method which is why it can be hard to predict its effects.

Add it to yogurt/smoothies/shakes – You can make power smoothies or breakfasts by adding kratom to foods like yogurts and cereals. You can also add it to your favorite shake to mask the bitter taste. Power smoothies are good for powering through the workout at the gym.

Why Choose Capsules?

Capsules are way better than powder or any other form of kratom. There are a bunch of reasons why people might prefer capsules over any other kratom form. Here they are –

Neatly packaged – Capsules follow the whole ‘no muss no fuss’ approach to consuming kratom. There’s no fear of accidentally spilling them. Each dose is neatly packaged.

Pre-dosed – With kratom powder, you usually need a digital scale to make sure the dose is accurately weighed. Otherwise, you always run the risk of overstepping your bounds; which can be potentially harmful. With capsules, that fear is out of the way. Since each capsule is accurately pre-measured and dosed for you, you can accordingly pop the right number of capsules to achieve your desired effects.

Discreet and easy to carry around – Kratom capsules look like any other medical capsule; thus making them discreet looking. That makes it easy to travel with capsules and even consume them in a public setting. You can pop them even when traveling without raising eyebrows or having people suspect you for doing drugs or something.

Tasteless, easy to swallow – One problem with powdered kratom is that not everyone is able to stomach it. Unless you add it to foods, there’s really no way to mask the bitter taste. Even with foods, there may still be some residual, bitter aftertaste. Or, at least a hint of it. Capsules mask that bitterness completely.

Benefits of Consuming Kratom Capsules

Relaxation – Depending on the type of strain you consume (such as white strain kratom), you can consume kratom at the end of the day to relax you. The effects are similar to that of a calming hot beverage like chamomile tea. Kratom can be mildly sedating which is why it is best if you take it at night; ideally before going to bed. It might also help your sleep quality by giving you relief from nerve pain.

Energizing Effects – Kratom belongs to the coffee family. That should explain why many of the strains share effects similar to that of drinking coffee. For example, many red strains such as Red Bali will leave you feeling energized. If more energy is what you aim, take it either on an empty stomach as a powdered dose.

Management of Pain – Living with chronic pain can be tough. It can stop you from living your life to the fullest. Sometimes, it can make you hopeless about life. But, we know that always relying on pharma aid is not the best solution. That’s why many switch to natural routes like CBD. 

Kratom capsules can also be a good addition to your collection of natural pain management tools. However, be sure to do your research about which strain might be most effective in this regard. There is a good amount of research like this one, which establishes kratom’s pain-management properties.

Stressbuster – Sometimes too many roles and responsibilities can leave you feeling overwhelmed which is not that uncommon in today’s time. In fact, stress levels seem to be at an all-time high right now. In addition to stuff like aromatherapy, and drinking calming teas, you might want to try kratom to relieve some of that chronic pain which is probably weighing you down. This is another good arena where kratom capsules might prove quite handy and helpful.

Better focus/concentration – Kratom seems promising in fixing that sense of brain fog and mental confusion which often comes in the way of mental work. Part of it could be related to the production of ‘happiness hormone’. There are studies that suggest that kratom is helpful in battling a lot of mental health conditions like anxiety, stress, PTSD, and depression. When you’re more relaxed, you’re bound to feel more motivated and focused on work.

Final Thoughts

Kratom is a promising herb. The only problem is that we have very limited research to back these claims up. There’s a strong need for more research and studies to understand kratom’s full potential in the context of human health.

But, even the littlest of evidence both anecdotal and otherwise so far, seems promising. 


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