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10 Things You Should Never Say to A Teacher

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Teaching is probably the toughest career in the world. Teachers have to put up with students from different backgrounds. They make presidents, lawyers, teachers of the next generation, doctors, and entertainers. Whatever you do, you wouldn’t have had that skill if it were not for your teachers. Parents and students should respect them and avoid saying things that can break their hearts. They should instead appreciate the sacrifice teachers make and applaud them. Here are a few things you should never let out of your mouth.

1. The Last Teacher That Taught My Kid Was An Idiot

Whenever you are angry, you say annoying things. When you tell a teacher that the teacher before them was an idiot or anything similar, you will never be friends.

When you diminish your children’s former teachers that way, it seems that you don’t respect their profession. Maybe you would say same thing for him/her later. Teaching takes a lot of dedication and sacrifice, so it is of great importance to respect them.

2. It Must Be Nice To Play With Kids The Whole Day

Sometimes it’s better to cut your tongue if you can’t hold what is coming from your mouth. Point of correction. Teachers don’t play with your kids from morning to evening.

They teach, play, and help them comprehend things around them. From pre-school to college it’s usually a serious business to nurture your kids.

3. You Are Making My Kid Dumb

It’s not the teacher’s responsibility alone to make your kid bright. You have to put in the work as well, and your kid needs to make that decision that he or she is going to take studies seriously.

A certified teacher who has passed praxis practice exams can help your kid grow and shape their future for good.

4. My Kid Never Lies

Who has never lied? It’s actually normal for kids to lie to have their way to escape punishment. But it’s absurd that a teacher would lie against your kid. What for?

If it’s your kid’s word against the teacher’s, tell your kid to tell the truth and promise them you will forgive. If indeed your kid lied, understand that it happens.

5. Focus On Your Students More Than Your Salary

Teachers’ salaries have been a major issue around the world. Then you decide to hit the teacher under the belt with that?

You can never doubt that teachers worry more about their students, but they also have bills to pay and families to support, just like you.

6. Why Is My Kid Not Your Favorite Student?

Kids sometimes think that teachers hate them simply because they haven’t built a strong relationship with them. They then complain to their parents. Teachers might seem as if they like some students more, but that’s not always the case.

Rather than asking your teacher why your kid is not their favorite, help them bond.

7. Well, According to Mom…

Parents are wrong sometimes. They should never have an alternative to what the teacher instructs the kid to do.

Whether it’s a correction, question, or request, students should never tell this to their teachers.

8. I Pay Taxes. I’m Your Boss Somehow

All civil servants are paid from your taxes. Now, imagine yourself being arrested by cops and you tell them you are their boss. You would make things worse.

The same applies to teachers. They aren’t your servants.

9. How Can You Be A Good Teacher Yet You Have No Kids?

Having kids is not one of the requirements of being a teacher. Also, if someone wants kids or not, it’s no one’s business except theirs. The important thing is that they teach.

10. Are You Teaching any Important Thing Tomorrow?

Everything that your child learns in school is important. Lessons are covered every weekday. If your kids miss any class be aware that they will have to catch up.


Teachers are also humans and are passionate about what they do. If you say nasty things to them, you will be a bad example to your kids.


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