Just Got married? Change Your Wife’s Name With One Click!

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So, you just got married? Congratulations!

You can now share your household chores and mortgage payments with someone else for the rest of your life! Marriage is going to change your life forever and to be honest, the ceremony is just the beginning.

For women, the complications start right after signing that contract.

We’re talking about changing names here.

If you were so caught up with all the planning for the ceremony, you probably didn’t give your name change much thought. It’s easy to procrastinate this step because it can be quite overwhelming to think about. There is no single office or single document that can make the whole things official. It has to be done step-by-step.

Where do you even begin with changing your name in all your IDs and bank accounts and travel documents? Do you even have time to research the entire process?

Good thing you live in 2019, your life might be a little bit easier because of this uber useful website, Missnowmrs. As the name suggests, it is designed to help make it easier for women to change their names after getting married. It’s exactly the kind of thing that will make it easier to start your lives as newlyweds.


How it all started

Inspired by her own problems in changing her name after getting married, Danielle Tate (then Danielle Rowlette) founded a company that aims to make the name change process less lengthy and less complicated for newlyweds.

Daniel wasted hours in line trying to change her own name. Her husband then encouraged her to create a website that can help make the process so much easier.  Since Missnowmrs was founded in 2006, it has helped over 85,000 women change their names. It is an unbelievably convenient website that will help you save hours.


How it works

Having someone to have and to hold for the  rest of your life may sound like a fairy tale but it can also be a very complicated process. A little help from Msnowmrs can make a big difference in getting started with your new life together. .

For a minimal price, those who decide to avail of the service get maximum convenience.

It’s all about making the life of the newlyweds so much easier. According to the website, it saves “each woman approximately 13 hours of form research, completion, and filing mishaps”  The service even customizes your account to include your specific state Driver’s License and Voter Registration forms.

All you need is your Marriage Certificate, which is a required document when changing your name. Your state driver’s license, U.S. passport and vehicle title or registration might also be helpful in filling up the forms. And don’t worry, the information you share online is totally safe!

Considering that you won’t waste time and effort and end up doing the wrong thing, the $29.95 price tag of the service certainly sounds like it is worth it.


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