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5 Essentials for a Comfortable Commute On Public Transport

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Traveling by public transport is one of the most common ways to get around, especially in densely populated cities. Rather than sitting in slow-moving traffic in a car, you can take a bus or subway and save both money and time. However, not everyone experiences a comfortable journey to and from their destination, which can make people reconsider their choice of transport. If you want to arrive at the office or your home feeling as relaxed as possible, here are some must-have items to carry with you.

A Commuting Backpack

You likely have many necessities to carry on public transport, so don鈥檛 underestimate the importance of a high-quality backpack. Some of the best backpacks commuters love boast comfortable back panels, expandable and generous capacities, anti-theft zippers, and laptop sleeves to keep devices safe. If you take a seat on a bus or train, you can set your bag in front of you or on your lap, but if you鈥檙e standing, you can wear it comfortably behind or in front of you.聽

Hand Sanitizer

While convenient to use, public transport is not the most hygienic way to get around. According to studies on the public transportation system in Portland, there were at least six Staphylococcus strains and high levels of bacteria on cloth seats and floors. Some of these had varying levels of drug resistance.聽

As you can鈥檛 avoid touching surfaces, consider carrying hand sanitizer to give yourself at least a small amount of protection. A travel bottle might offer much-needed peace of mind that your hands are clean after being exposed to various viruses and germs.


Mobile Devices

The average one-way commute time in the United States is nearly half an hour, which means you likely want something to help you pass the time while you wait. Mobile phones and tablets might be the answer. You can play games, browse social media, watch videos, and even read books. Just don鈥檛 forget to pair them with noise-canceling headphones to avoid bothering and being bothered by other passengers.聽

A Portable Charger

The battery life of digital devices degrades over time, and it鈥檚 not always guaranteed that you鈥檒l make it to your destination without running out of battery altogether. Prevent that from happening by traveling with a portable charger. While you play your favorite games or listen to music you love, your device can be charging at the same time. You then don鈥檛 need to worry about being stranded without a form of communication once you arrive at work.

A Travel Mug

Cold winter mornings can be challenging to endure on public transport, especially if you have to wait for your bus or subway out in the cold. Warm up your hands and body with a hot beverage. Plenty of travel mugs on the market provide superior insulation to ensure your drink remains warm throughout your commute. You can then arrive at the office pre-fueled and ready to be productive.聽

Public transport will never be as comfortable as traveling in your own vehicle, but it doesn鈥檛 have to be entirely uncomfortable. If you have some of these travel essentials above, you might enjoy a relaxing and stress-free trip to and from your destination.


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