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Celebrities Teach You How to Deal with Anxiety

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The endless flow of information and the fast pace of life exhaust us. We don’t sleep well, we don’t eat right, we worry about terrible news, and are constantly nervous. Every day we waste ourselves with loads of work and personal problems and struggles, thousands of thoughts. Peace and tranquility are increasingly our most cherished dreams. The trend in recent years shows that stars like Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga have been pretty honest with their fans about their feelings and mental health issues. That is essential to be talked about. You may benefit from their advice as well.

1. Meditation

It is a therapy that aims to train the mind, ultimately creating an increased level of calmness and concentration called spiritual enlightenment and awareness. In fact, one of the main reasons to start any meditati芯n practice is to overcome stress and anxiety problems. There are millions of techniques. Try using Getty images as a source of inspiration.

We all know that worrying doesn’t change anything and can even be harmful. So improving your focus on the present moment helps to dissipate anxiety, making you less stressed and fills you with more inner peace. Miley Syrus prefers to meditate before going to sleep so that she doesn’t fall asleep with anxious thoughts. After all, the brain, like the body, needs to rest properly. The singer actively encourages her fans to do the same.


2. Social-Media Detox

The digital age in which we live is taking its toll. We are constantly online and face a huge stream of news (both good and bad), which means we become potential targets for trolling, cyber-attacks, and millions of other unpleasant factors.

S芯cial media can give us the feeling that we are missing out on something. It can feel like your own life is on hold. Under such pressure, concentrating on your goals can be very difficult. A possible way out is a mindful approach to media consumption. Recently some stars have decided to give up part or all of their accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms for anxiety deal purposes.

For example, Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence has not made an Insta page. The actress prefers privacy and does not share the details of her personal world. Lawrence explains her unwillingness to open social network accounts: “There are too many negative things. Everyone has their own opinion on a variety of subjects, and I do not want to let it into my life until it is not necessary”, – says Jennifer.

3. Breathing Techniques

Breathing practices and meditations are trending. At first glance, it seems that measured breathing in and out helps only to feel the miracle of relaxation. Breathing is directly linked to our emotions. When we are frightened or in panic, we breathe quickly and superficially; when we are quiet, we breathe smoothly and slowly. It also works in reverse. There are quite a few breathing techniques and practices to achieve balance and get rid of anxiety and depression.

The positive effects of breathing exercises can be explained by the principles of biology. By consistently changing the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body, it is possible to learn how to influence well-being, and with regular training, it can affect your physical and psycho-emotional health. This is the preferred method chosen by Beyonc茅. After her pregnancy, these physical activities helped her get back into shape and remain in good spirits.

4. Exercising

Celebs are constantly being watched by fans and journalists. There are stars for whom keeping fit is an occupational hazard, but many of them enjoy an active lifestyle and devote most of their free time to sports. For proof, you can search Getty images for pics of stars exercising. In this aspect, there is no single training group that will help you eliminate panic attacks. Actually, all sports and physical activities are effective as long as you enjoy them. Many studies show that all physical activity, whether jogging, walking, crossfit, or aerobics influences your hormones. In order to get a better understanding of this influence it is a great idea to find essay on anxiety disorder and the methods of coping with it, among which you definitely discover sport. When you are active, there is an increase in dopamine, serotonin, and endorphin production. They stimulate the body’s emotional state and reduce anxiety.

Thus, according to Kate Hudson, beauty is first and foremost about wellness. And not just physically: to look good and feel great, you need to know how to de-stress. In 2016, the actress even wrote a book, ”Pretty Happy: The Healthy Way to Love Your Body”, about her lifestyle and healthy habits, among which sport holds a special place.

5. Journaling

We often make a promise to ourselves to start from scratch, but talking about change is always easier than putting it into practice. One simple way to get better is to keep a personal diary. This activity improves the way you structure your thoughts, formulate your feelings, highlight what is of importance, handle anxiety, and promote creativity and reflectiveness. Keeping a diary can simplify everyday routine, provide psychological stability, and help you become more meaningful. You can choose to journal without a specific concept or opt for one of the more concrete types designed to achieve certain goals. You can decorate it with photos. Jennifer Aniston is said to have a habit of showing her emotions on paper and settling her relationships as well: that’s why she’s so easygoing in real-life.

Final Word

We all have moments of excessive tension when our worries and fears seem to take over. Anxiety disorders, on the other hand, are more chronic. You may be concerned about everyday events that are not normally stressful for other people.

It is very important for a person suffering from anxiety to understand and accept what they are going through to socialize normally. Only when people fully recognize what they are experiencing can they work on dealing with anxiety symptoms.


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