5 Strategies to Help Athletes Recover Faster

Is your athletic performance not up to your usual standard lately? If you’re experiencing stiff muscles, fatigue, and just feeling run down, chances are you’re stepping on the gas too hard with your training lately.

There’s nothing wrong with pushing your limits in the gym or your chosen sport or activity. Pushing hard helps us break through plateaus and test our true potential. Our never-ending quest to seek perfection sometimes overstretches our physical capabilities.

What does your recovery strategy look like? Recovery is every bit as critical as the time you spend in the gym. If you don’t take time to recover between workouts, you’re going to start a slow, downward spiral that eventually ends in injury.

The right recovery strategy encompasses several elements designed to keep your body functioning at peak performance levels. When you do everything right outside of the gym, you make the most out of the time you spend in your workouts.

From eating right to full-body cryotherapy, there are many ways to reduce the effect and strain of exercise-induced stress on your body and mind. Follow these five tips to supercharge your recovery and athletic performance.

#1 Don’t Overtrain

When you’re training towards a goal, everything else in life seems to melt away. That quest to set that new PR can seem somewhat consuming, and you put everything you have into your training on your road to achieving your target.

Naturally, the more time you spend in training, the faster you reach your goals. However, the human body is not a machine. We can’t keep pushing the limits with every workout without expecting something to go wrong.

Assess your training plan, and include rest days or deloading weeks to give the central nervous system (CNS) time to recover and reset. You’ll find a deload week where you reduce max effort by 75% helps you come back stronger and faster the following week.

#2 Speak to A Nutritionist

Food plays a critical role in replacing the energy you burn in your training. Optimizing your diet for performance and recovery helps you feed the furnace inside you that keeps you progressing toward your goal. Food can build mass, or it can shred fat.

If you have no idea how to measure calories, calculate macros, and structure meal plans, you need professional help planning your diet. Check for qualified sports nutritionists in your area and review their client testimonials on their website or social media.

After you find the right nutritionist, make an appointment to assess your diet and plan your meals. Your nutritionist works with you to build a meal plan catering to your nutritional needs, using the foods you like to eat. With the right diet, you’ll find you recover faster and have more energy in training sessions.

#3 Compression Therapy

Compression therapy helps to stimulate blood flow in the circulatory system. After a hard workout, you have a significant amount of inflammation in your muscular system. Anyone will understand what we’re talking about the day after a hard squat workout. Your legs feel so sore you wish you had a wheelchair to get around.

Compression therapy helps to remove that inflammation in your legs. NormaTec compression boots cover your legs, applying compression to increase circulation, speeding up the recovery process. Prevent soreness, increase mobility, and reduce inflammation in the legs, hips, arms, and shoulders.

All it takes is 30-minutes with NormaTec compression boots, and you’ll notice a huge improvement in your recovery the following day. The compression removes lactic acid buildup in your muscular system, allowing the lymphatic system to clear it faster.

#4 Get More Sleep

Sleep is critical to your recovery. If you’re training hard in preparation for competition, you need your rest. However, many athletes report they don’t get the sleep they need. Pre-workout stimulants, working out late at night, and the stress of balancing work, training, family, and social life is demanding on your physical and mental health.

When we sleep, the brain clears neural pathways of inflammation built up during the day. That’s why you feel tired the following day if you don’t get enough sleep. Improving your sleep quality is essential for speeding up your recovery and maintaining your performance in training.

Clean up your sleep hygiene by putting away your phone 2-hours before bedtime. The light from the screen interferes with your natural sleep cycle. Meditate for a bit before bed and stretch your body to prepare for sleep.

#5 Full Body Cryotherapy

If you’re a fan of the Joe Rogan Experience, you’ve probably seen him and his guests discussing the benefits of full-body cryotherapy on some episodes. This recovery tool is becoming essential for athletes and regular exercise enthusiasts looking to improve their recovery and well-being.

Full-body cryotherapy involves the use of sub-zero temperatures to enhance recovery. This cold therapy stimulates the “Vagus nerve.” This nerve interfaces with the parasympathetic nervous system controlling the respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, and immune systems.

Cold therapy has a potent effect on reducing inflammation in the body. As a result, the athlete notices their stress and tension subside from their mind. The body experiences a rapid reduction in inflammation almost immediately, stimulating the metabolism, the immune system, and the digestive system, optimizing your well-being.

The benefits of full-body cryotherapy are astounding. You’ll find you have a better appetite, sleep quality improves dramatically, you lose body fat, and you have more energy during the day. All you need is three sessions per week to unlock the power of cold therapy in your recovery strategy.

Muscle Lab –Recover Faster, Train Harder with Full Body Cryotherapy

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Make an appointment for your first session today, and discover a new world of athletic recovery. Muscle Lab is your partner in performance, with world-class cryotherapy equipment and knowledgeable, friendly staff. We invite you to give cryotherapy a try and revolutionize your recovery with cold therapy.


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