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50 Freetime Hobbies For The Modern Gentleman

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Not all women care about what you do for a living or how much money you have in your bank account.

Yes, a career is definitely important (you have bills to pay, after all) but it’s what you do on your leisure time which makes you a truly interesting person.

The Amateur Boxer, The Weekend Beer Brewer, The Photography Nerd… Don’t they all sound more attractive than the guy who spends 60 hours a week cooped up in an office cubicle?

You are not meant to live a monotonous life of doing little more than eat, sleep, and work. Don’t fall into that trap!

It doesn’t even matter what your hobby is. You just have to be intensely passionate about it.

Having a hobby makes you human. It gives you life. And most women find that irresistible.

But please don’t be a jerk and pick up a hobby just because you want to get laid. Women can tell when you are faking it.

And don’t go around saying that “picking up women at bars” is your hobby.

Hobbies are things that help you grow, expose you to new social circles, and help make you feel like a better man overall. They improve your confidence and really make you feel alive. Going out on a date with a different woman every night might boost your ego, but it doesn’t really count as something you can be unapologetically passionate about, does it?

If you’re shopping around for hobbies, we have some ideas. Have fun and remember that it’s never too late to learn something new!

50 Freetime Hobbies


Is there anything more manly than this bloody and brutal sport? Fighting with only your fist is raw and rugged. Hey, you might not be the next Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao but learning your jab-straight is amazing for your health, self-esteem and overall appeal.


  1. MMA

Martial arts is one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports in the world. It’s great for discipline, peace of mind and your physique. Plus, knowing that you know how to do a double-leg takedown or a rear naked choke will give you unbelievable confidence.


  1. Rock climbing

Time to re-learn something you probably did a lot of kid! Of course, you have to invest in safety equipment and maybe even training this time around. But you get to chase the horizon and conquer mountains in return. And believe that is simply one of the most amazing feelings in the world.


  1. Homebrewing beer

Fan of craft beer? Brush up your science and make your own flavors at home. Impress your next date with your own creative concoction. Immerse yourself in the microbrewing community, too. Brewers are some of the friendliest guys around.


  1. Investing

Even investing can be a hobby too. Learning how to handle your money is a life skill that will come in handy no matter your age. Study the basics first then slowly grow your investments as you become more confident with what you know.


  1. Photography

No, we’re not talking about taking a hundred selfies and posting them on the ‘Gram here. Nurture your artistic side and really learn how to capture some of life greatest moments. Learn the technicalities of being behind the camera. Who knows? You might find yourself a muse!


  1. Classic car restoration

Tinkering with cars and rebuilding engines takes a lot of problem-solving skills. You’ll need time, effort, and maybe a lot of money to get that muscle car up and running again. But don’t worry, selling fully restored cars can be lucrative. You can get your money back if you play your cards right.


  1. Cycling mountain biking

Invest in a good mountain bike to effortlessly combine fitness and pleasure. You can even save money and help save the environment by ditching your car and biking to work everyday instead.


  1. Reading

Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and a lot of other great men in history were voracious readers. Reading can help you connect with good thinkers (no more senseless conversations with random girls). Renew your library card and feed your brain.


  1. Wet Shaving

Want to feel like a real man? Go old school and learn the art of wet shaving. Ditching the disposable razor and switching to a straight razor can be surprisingly satisfying. Plus adding natural ingredients like coconut milk, shea butter, and tea tree oil to your grooming ritual can be surprisingly satisfying.


  1. Music Production (DJ, beat maker)

You might be far from creating the next Billboard hit, but music production has a lot of benefits too. It’s a great way to stimulate your brain and release your creative potential. Plus, creating good music is about knowing how to entertain people, too. So, it can be a great way to improve your social skills.


  1. Writing/blogging

Writing is a lost art. Most men nowadays no longer stop, reflect, and string beautiful words together. It’s can be a very therapeutic and satisfying creative outlet. Creating a blog account is convenient and practically free. You can even post anonymously if you’re not ready to reveal your identity yet. It might be a good idea to get started on the book project you’ve been putting off.


  1. Digital designing / coding

Believe it or not, there are people who take joy in learning a skill as complex as programming. Taking up such a serious subject and turning it into a hobby might make it a little bit more enjoyable. Depending on your interest, you might want to focus on web development, web development or mobile development. Do your research and find something that really sparks your interest.


  1. Drawing / painting

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to pursue art but never had the chance to learn it n your younger years. Now is your chance. Go enroll yourself in an art workshop or find some classes online. Invest in art supplies and spend your weekends perfecting your craft.


  1. Scotch tasting

Stop making it a habit to get the cheapest bottle of liquor at your neighborhood convenience store every Friday night. When you reach a certain age, it becomes quite unappealing. Level up your taste by becoming a scotch connoisseur. Study about the different brands and kinds of scotch. Most importantly, figure out what you really like.


  1. Wine tasting

Yeah, there was a time when wine was too fancy schmancy for regular guys. But that has changed a lot. If you know where to look, you’ll find cheap but really good bottles. Drink more and learn the language. The more you immerse yourself in the culture, the easier it will be for you to understand it.


  1. Fantasy Sports

Really, there are a few things more satisfying than winning. Yes, even fantasy sports count. Learn how to pick a winning lineup and manage a team properly. Even if you don’t have an athletic bone in your body, you can still be a winner here.


  1. Poker

Poker is a great way to relax and enjoy friendly competition with the other men. It can expand your social circle and help you meet the right people. Prepare whisky and make it a regular thing to invite guys over to play every Friday night.


  1. Golfing

Golfing is a modern gentleman’s game. It’s science, skill, and sport. Once you immerse yourself in it, it will feel like you’re part of a secret society. Building relationships is an important part of the game – something that can help you in both your personal, professional and maybe even romantic life.


  1. Coaching & Mentoring

Are you a big fan of reading self-help books and inspiring works? Are you an expert in motivating yourself when you’re feeling down? Maybe you’d like to try becoming a coach mentor to help others discover what they can bring to this world. Patience and empathy are necessary traits that can help your mentees. Honing these skills can help you become a better partner for your future lady.


  1. Fishing

Wouldn’t it be cool if you can say that you have the skills to provide food for yourself? Go get yourself a decent pole and reel. Study about baits and rules. And don’t forget that a fishing license is required in all U.S. states.


  1. Meditation & Yoga

Flexibility, more muscles. mental calmness –  these are just some of the things that you can achieve when you regularly practice yoga. And yes, there’s a good chance that you’ll meet someone interesting in class because about 90% of yoginis are women. But remember, that’s just secondary. Don’t make it your goal to get someone’s number after every class. Just show up, be interested, and women will flock to you.


  1. Freshwater aquarium

Can’t take care of a dog or cat but still want to have a pet in your home? Try keeping freshwater fish. They don’t take up much space and they’re quite easy to maintain. Your fish water tank can be a great conversation piece when you bring over your date to your place.


  1. Cigar enthusiast

Knowing how to appreciate cigar is a true gentleman’s pastime. Puffing your cigar with friends can make you feel like a big boss. It’s also a great way to relax.


  1. Woodworking

Say goodbye to IKEA forever. Learning how to use the hammer and drill means you can turn pieces of wood into something useful. No need to call a carpenter for basic repairs.


  1. Vaping enthusiast

Vaping was originally created as an alternative for smokers but it has also turned into a popular hobby. Drop by a vaping lounge, find new friends, and enjoy!


  1. Camping or glamping

Ever find yourself feeling restless without really knowing where you want to go? It might be a good idea to plan a camping (or glamping)  trip and reconnect with nature.


  1. Online micro jobs

Freetime Hobbies can also mean money in your pocket hobbies. The online world is bursting with opportunity. Maximize it by taking on jobs in your free time.


  1. Become an influencer (social media accounts)

Brands have made influencer marketing an integral part of their strategy. If you’re always posting stuff on social media, might as turn your posts into a side-hustle by developing your own personal brand and becoming an influencer.


  1. Flying drones

Whether you want better videos or you just want to operate a small aircraft, learning how to fly a drone can be a fun and useful hobby. Don’t forget to check drone restrictions in your area as they change practically every month.


  1. Video games

Video games never get old, do they? Level up your love for video games by turning it into something social. Expand your social circle and organize game nights with new friends.


  1. Watch enthusiast

Having a gorgeous timepiece on your wrist is a great way to make a statement. Learn about watches, improve your style, and learn how to take care of our collection.


  1. Cooking (pick a cuisine and master it)

You won’t go far trying to impress anyone with instant ramen. Learn how to whip up a gourmet meal or two and you won’t ever have to worry about winning a woman’s heart with a hot dish. Learning how to make breakfast in bed might be handy too!

  1. Retro memorabilia collector (pick an era and collect)

Find an era in history particularly interesting? Start collect vintage items and memorabilia and satisfy your primordial love for “hunting.”


  1. Radio controlled cars, planes, boats

The hobby of radio-controlled (RC) cars, boats, and aircraft has dramatically evolved over the years. No, it’s not just for kids. No matter what your age you can start a collection and race them in competitions when you are ready.


  1. Horse Betting

Horse betting is an ancient sport and a form of gambling that is considered legal in most parts of the world. Most people consider it a “cultured” hobby. Go ahead, learn about the odds and enjoy the thrill of picking a winner.


  1. Reviewing gadgets

If your always spending money on the gadgets, might as well establish yourself as an authority figure on technology. Become an active member of forums and communities. You can even make a YouTube channel and make money on the side.


  1. Bartending

Knowing how to mix a proper Whisky Sour or Bloody Mary is one of the most useful skills you can have, especially when you often throw a house party. Invest in tools and learn how to make the brightest and bubbliest drinks. Once you’re more serious about it, you can even apply as a weekend apprentice in someone’s bar.


  1. Soap making

No, this is not just for girls. I mean, have you ever read Fight Club? Learn how to make your own “manly” soap. There is a lot of potential in men’s grooming products. Or you can even just give them as inexpensive gifts to your friends next Christmas


  1. Smoking Meats

Wouldn’t it be nice knowing how to make your own brisket? It’ll be an easy way to impress people in a party. You just have to master one thing and you never have to worry about what to bring in a potluck ever again.


  1. Robot Making

Embrace your inner geek (some women adore geeks) and indulge your love for science. Learn the latest in electronics, build your bots and maybe even enter a contest.


  1. Tough Mudder

Train for a Tough Mudder race and enjoy an amazing physical and mental challenge like no other. Don’t worry, there’s a beginner option for the races if you are just starting out.


  1. Blacksmithing

If you’re interested in the skill and trade, it’s best to look for a blacksmith who can teach you how to heat, hold and hit. This skill takes time and patience to learn but having the ability to create beautiful things from metal is absolutely worth it.


  1. Learn a new language

How much did you wish you could speak a foreign language the last time you traveled to Japan or China? This is probably one of the most useful hobbies you can have! You can even practice the basics with women you meet at bars.


  1. Learn how to build an app

Hey, it’s not as hard as it sounds. You don’t even need to know how to code to be able to build an app successfully. If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s a great way to add value to your business.


  1. Tiny house builder

There is something satisfying about building a tiny home. Whether you want to create a playhouse for kids or to downsize and live in a small space, learning how to construct your own tiny house will give you satisfaction like no other.


  1. Man Caving (build ultimate man cave)

Building your own sanctuary is almost a necessity. It’s great to have space for all your manly interests. Invest in good furniture and design until you are satisfied and comfortable. Remember: No girls allowed!


  1. Swimming

Swimming is not just a sport. It’s a skill for survival. Don’t worry you are never too old to learn this skill. Enroll yourself in a class and learn how to do a proper breaststroke.


  1. Go karting, building your own (real ones not the slow ones)

Not everyone can be an f1 driver, but you can still indulge your need for speed with karting. You can even build your own karts too!


  1. Paintball (new paintball in tanks)

Playing the new paintball in tanks is every bit as awesome as it sounds! It will feel like you’re in an action movie. Gather up your crew and try it out together or find a paintball group that you want to join.



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