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A Guide to Planning the Ultimate Road Trip

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Venturing outside the house is to man what a jungle is to the wildlife. No matter how much you avoid it, you will ultimately seek to find the peace and adventure that comes with going places.

After several months of lockdown, with places closed, it’s time to head to some faraway land. You deserve a good vacation to rejuvenate and bring back the good memories. Pick up your family or friends and head out. Having a destination in mind should be the least of your concerns.

Importantly, you need a plan for the trip. This guide is all you need to prepare. It has all you need to ensure you have the best road trip experience.

Planning the Trip

Organizing a road trip in the pre-Covid times was relatively easy. You only needed a last-minute back pack then get going. You would let your mood dictate the route and wherever you end up. Everything is now different.


The first consideration is to stay in line with the Coronavirus regulations. Not all places are already fully operational. Some will need you to have vaccination certificates, while others also don’t accept visitors.

However, you still retain the power to choose where you visit. Confirm the status of the places you head to early enough. Keep abreast with the information, as the status can also change without warning.

Also, don’t forget to plan your route using a route planner. The usual stops might be closed due to the pandemic’s economic loss. So it’s better to prepare things beforehand.

Choosing the Means of Transportation

Once you have settled on your destination, the next plan is on how to get there. This is the time to decide whether you want to rent or drive your vehicle if you use the road.

For some time, a road trip meant getting your car ready for the big long drive. However, after taking some time in the garage, you might need a lot of time and money to get the car ready for a long drive. Furthermore, you can also find a ride and consider staying comfortable on your Harley-Davidson. It will allow you to travel more quickly and navigate various routes. This will make you feel more convenient while enabling you to enjoy the breeze and beauty of nature. You also don’t want to get caught up with your car in a new place if regulations change. The thought of looking for parking, security, and servicing might ruin your time out.

Enjoy every bit of your trip by working with a reliable travel partner. A road trip does not mean you only take the car. You can also use the train and planes if available. If you choose rail, then compare train routes and fares depending on your destination. 

Most of the transportation and other facilities are currently operating half board. As such, consider booking your appointments in advance.

Packing for the Trip

Now that you have your location and means of transport, it’s time to get packing. The best way to pack at this time is to keep as light as possible without compromising on the essentials.

Include all the basics like the first aid kit, cellphone and charger, and food and water for the trip. Whatever you bring depends on the location and your means of transportation. For example, when headed to a cold place, you might need hand warmers and ice scrapers. Also, if you use the train, you have to keep your luggage within the maximum weight limit.

Whatever the case, bring along a pack of changing clothes, toiletries, and electronic devices. If you are traveling with family, then include extra food, games, and other activities to keep you active during the trip.

For safety, ensure you have your vaccination and other medical details with you.

Saving Costs During Your Trip

Given the bad economic times following coronavirus, you need to save as much money as possible on your trip. Some of the ways to protect your wallet at this time are:

  • Take a travel insurance cover – at no time has traveling been ever so unpredictable like now. You are never sure whether your flight or hotel will cancel at the last minute. The best way to keep safe is by securing a travel insurance cover. While it might increase your travel costs a little, the peace of mind is worth it.

  • Download useful apps – technology has made traveling easier. Use the various available apps to help you find the shortest routes and fares, the least expensive accommodation, and updates about your destination.

  • Bring your own food – snacks and entertainment are the epitome of any worthwhile trip. Purchasing the snacks in the stores on your way can quickly add up your budget. Instead, purchase the bulk of your favorite snacks and carry them along. Also, you are never too sure whether your favorite eatery is still operational or it moved online.

Bottom Line

No matter how much time changes, nothing can take away the fun in road trips. You only need to stay more careful when you go out. Plan early and opt for the trains and other public transportation to avoid additional costs. With each trip, you will become more conversant with the new reality as you infuse your spirit of adventure.


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