Best Hair Styling Tools of 2020

Even if you buy the best products for hair care, you need something extra as well. By extra, we don’t just mean DIY hair masks and the occasional essential oil massage, though there is nothing wrong with those either. Despite all that care, you’ll want to show off your hair somehow. 

That’s why we’ll talk about some of the best hair styling tools of 2020. Regardless of your hair type, you need the help of a styling tool to create flawless hairstyles and looks. We have gathered information on top hair styling tools from the best salon websites and customer reviews. 

Best Brush for Blow Drying: Osensia Professionalesl Round Brush

The combination of ion-infused and ceramic technology makes it unique and highly convenient for blow-drying. This brush is perfect for people who are always on-the-go and need something to style their hair in no time. This brush cuts down your hairstyling time by half. 

A special feature of this brush is the ionic mineral bristles. The bristles aren’t hard on your hair and have special antistatic and antibacterial properties. The bristles keep your hair more manageable and shiny. 

Best Straightener for Curly Hair: Infiniti Pro Ceramic Flat Iron by Conair Tourmaline

Do you have curly hair? If so, it’s time to get this flat iron form Conair Tourmaline for sleek and smooth hair. This straightener’s floating plates are what make it stand out from other straighteners for curly hair. The 1-inch floating plates hold more hair strands and infuse more heat. Also, these plates are longer than average straighteners, so they cover more hair. The larger plates significantly reduce your styling time. 

Speaking of reducing time, it heats up quickly as well. It is ready to use in just 15 seconds. The ceramic technology tames frizziness and so keeps flyways at the minimum. Another great thing about this flat iron is that it doesn’t overheat while styling. The heat remains stable, and so there is a limited chance of your hair suffering from hair damage.

While this straightener is great for curly hair, it can also work well on straight or medium hair. So if you are looking for a new straightener, do check this one out.

Best Hair Towel: Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban

You may not have considered a hair drying towel as an essential styling tool. Yet, choosing the right towel for your hair can work wonders. 

This special hair towel turban by Aquis Lisse Luxe cuts down on your drying time. This towel has highly absorbent and woven fibers that get maximum moisture out of your hair without any breakage. 

Regardless of how carefully you dry your hair, there is always some hair breakage. But this hair towel is an innovative solution for breakage-free and quick hair drying.

Best Detangler Hair Straightener Brush: Micro Pure Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush

A hair straightener detangler brush makes styling an easier task. This one from Micro Pure cuts down the styling process to just one step that is simply brushing your hair. If you have no experience using styling tools, this could be your perfect choice. You just need to turn it on and use it like a regular brush.

The brush also has a 360-degree swivel cord making it very easy to operate. The brush can easily reach the back of your head without any trouble.

Moreover, the brush has many useful features. The auto temperature lock prevents the brush from overheating. The auto-off function will shut off the tool if it stays idle for 60 minutes. This avoids any hazards or electrical fire in case you forget to turn it off.

Best Clips: Harry Josh Pro Makeup and Wave Setting Clips

People often get confused and wonder whether to style their hair first or do makeup. Many of you may be comfortable styling your hair before applying makeup. If your hair keeps coming on your face when doing makeup, then use these Makeup and Wave setting Clips.

These clips are perfect for pinning back your hair while you apply for coverage or do your eyes. Unlike normal clips or pins, these ones don’t crease or kink your pretty hairstyle. 

You can find a perfect tool for every for your hairstyling endeavor. Whether you keep hair sleek and straight or want to have fun with beachy waves, reliable hair styling tools are a must. Hence, here are our top picks for all types of hair styling. We hope you find the perfect one for your hairstyles. 



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