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Easily Publish your own Book

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Whether you write as a hobby or want to get known for your writing skills, publishing your own book is a great idea. But most people restrain themselves from publishing a book mainly due to the hassle caused by the whole publishing process. There are a lot of things to look out before publishing a book like How do I get my book to the readers and the public? Should I go with digital ebooks or sell hard copies? Where do I find distributors for my new book? If you also have such questions popping in your mind, then going with a self-publishing partner is a great idea. Such services allow you to easily publish your first book while allowing you to learn a lot of things along with it. One such option is MindStir which is highly popular because it offers a great overall experience as mentioned here.

Learn to Write Books

Even if you have never written a book in the past, you can easily do so using the self-publisher’s guide offered by MindStir. You can learn a lot of things from their publishing guide for completely free. It takes you through the various steps involved in publishing your own first book. You can learn about all of the publishing packages offered by MindStir as well as their services with this guide. This guide can be helpful to push your book in the market and advertise it among viable readers so that your first book can be a great hit. Due to these reasons, Elizabeth MacDonald from the Fox Business Network has signed up with MindSir for her upcoming book to get it promoted.

Publish a Book, Get Known

One of the best things about self-publishing your own book is that you can get highly popular from it and become an authority figure. This can be quite helpful for publishing more books, writing papers, or doing anything else related to writing. Although, if you have published a book in the past, you might not have gotten popularity from your book. It is simply due to the reason that there was no marketing or advertising involved. Did you advertise about your book on various platforms? Was your book ideal for being sold in the market as a viable bestseller? Well, if the answer is no, then the marketing tools offered by MindStir can be highly useful for you.

Digital Books are the Future

Do you see young kids and people around you reading physical hardcopy books? Or are they all going through their smartphones and other electronic gadgets? The simple answer to this is that a lot of readers prefer reading digital books and papers for ease of use. Thus, you should consider publishing your book as a digital book since it can be read anywhere at any time on a smartphone. But this will require a lot of knowledge about computers and making digital books, right? Thankfully, no! MindStir acknowledges that digital books are highly popular among readers and helps you get your book published as a digital and a hardcopy book.

Market your Book with Experts

One of the most common issues faced by new book writers is the lack of contact with any expert book publishers. While it is not possible to make new friends who know about book publishing, you can certainly take advantage of the huge publishers’ network in the form of MindStir. Shark Tank’s judge Kevin Harrington has called out MindStir to be a trustable publishing platform for book authors. It can help you to take your basic manuscript and turn it into a proper book with its various tools. You can also get in touch with various experts from MindStir and learn about all the insights and secrets of book publishing that will help you to sell your own well written and published book.

Work with Various Distribution Partners

Let’s say that you have done your research and successfully written your first book in a polished form such that it would sell in the market. Unfortunately, getting it to the readers is still quite a tough task since you need distributors for that. If you are not familiar with distributors, most of them charge a lot for pushing your book into the market. Thankfully, you can rely on MindStir for getting your book sold in the market with its vast distribution network. It has partnered with many major book distributors so that you can get your book into the hands of your readers that can possibly be the next bestseller.


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