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Embrace the Holiday Set-backs and laugh it off over a Heineken

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The holidays are always an exciting time of year with sparkling lights, quality time with family, food and of course, lots of libations. But the holidays are never complete without a few mishaps getting in the way of your festivities. 

Instead of trying to avoid the inevitable, why not embrace them? We’ve come up with a list of some of the most common set-backs and how to overcome them all, so you can move on and enjoy a Heineken with true holiday spirit.

4 Holiday Set-backs to overcome this Season:

1. The Last Minute Gift

We’ve all been there at some point. You forget to buy that special someone a present, and realize it when it’s a little too late… or we’ve just put it off until it’s 10-minutes before closing on Christmas Eve. Then you’re in a little bit of a panic as you run from store to store trying to find “the gift.” Here’s a tip, local gas stations typically carry a variety of gift cards now-a-days, but then again, how about a good old IOU? Then you can kick back and enjoy a Heineken, the perfect beer to reward yourself in the comfort of your own home, the in-law’s or aunt Marcy’s for that matter.

2. The Ugly Sweater

Remember when you were instructed to wear your best holiday attire to the in-laws’ big family dinner, and there was no doubt in your mind that meant to put on the ugliest Christmas sweater you could get your hands on. Now you’re in a room with their entire family dressed in their best suits and dresses… and you’re wearing a sweater with a pug holding a beer that says “Let’s Get Puggin Lit.” Don’t worry, just turn things around by having confidence, crack a bottle of Heineken, and make it seem like you did it on purpose, maybe even make a joke. You will be the center of attention, instead of the big joke, in no time. 

3. The Frozen Turkey

You were tasked with only one thing, but it happened to be the most important for family dinner – thaw the turkey. You obviously got caught up with something far more important and now the turkey is frozen and you’ve found yourself in an epic mess while potentially being the reason your family starts to become restless and glares at you because they’re hangry. Don’t stress, just search up the nearest restaurants and order-in. You’d be surprised who delivers under such short notice. Maybe not turkey, but a couple roasted chickens might do the trick. Just have mom or aunt Selma still bring her famous stuffing. Besides, takeout pairs best with a Heineken

4. The Family Feud

It’s not really the holidays until a family disagreement breaks out, someone sheds a tear, and someone yells at everyone to keep the peace and stop the arguing. Everyone’s high strung, you’re surrounded by family, young and old, and all you want to do is hide from it all. Who said Family was easy? Next time, just keep everyone busy to keep the stress off and avoid public, work or family politics, maybe with a board game, cards, or even Karaoke. Now that will take a load off. 

With every holiday mishap, big or small, then comes a solution. You may not find the perfect gift so late in the game, or be able to change out of your ugly pug sweater after everyone’s seen it. You might not be able to manage everyone’s competitiveness, and you definitely won’t be able to defrost the turkey in time for dinner, trust us, we’ve tried.


Here at SWAGGER, there’s one thing that always brings everyone together and makes things right again no matter what. Always turning a bad situation into a memorable one. Luckily, it’s as simple as cracking open a cold bottle of Heineken and sharing it with your loved ones. The sound of bottles clinking together, or re-taking a boomerang cheers until you get the perfect one, is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. Holiday troubles are part of the tradition. Enjoy them. Happy Holidays. But remember, always drink responsibly.

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