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Engagement Ring Matters: How to Make the Most of Your Purchase

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Getting your one and only to say yes during an inspired and heartfelt proposal — that’s the kind of scenario many tend to dream about. If you are already in a situation where you know your partner is the one you want to spend all your time with, there’s no time like the present!

That said, while a proposal can be as creative and inspired as possible, the engagement ring will be the beating heart of any proposal.

Trying to make the most out of your purchase might be a trickier prospect than many realize. After all, the engagement ring is not just some piece of jewelry that goes with a proposal. In many ways, the ring is the proposal itself. To help ensure that you realize the full potential of what you want out of the engagement ring, here are some tips.

Mold the ring around your one and only

Considering that the engagement ring is the ultimate gift to your significant other, it only makes sense to mold it out of their unique style. A good tip would be to look at their fashion sense and consider what type of rings work best with their style. It would also be a good idea to look at their favorite rings and see what they might have in common.


Not only is molding the ring around your love a great tip, but it can also potentially lower the price, as traditional rings can be costly. It can be quite fun to look for little ways to personalize an engagement ring.

How to tackle the center stone

When it comes to just about any type of engagement ring, the center stone is where most of the price tag lies. The type of diamond you want for the ring will determine the price, and there are some ways to help make sure that you get what you want without paying an exorbitant amount. For example, the aforementioned personalization of the diamond could potentially go for a more creative design while potentially lowering the price. You could go for a colorless oval diamond, which you can purchase here.

The colorless diamond is often more expensive, and so long as you keep a quality cut for the diamond, the rest can be personalized to shave the price.

When to pop the question

While it is entirely up to you when you want to pop the question, there are some ways to help ease your partner into it. For example, providing little hints over a few days will help build anticipation and ensure that they are not shocked into saying no. It would be a good idea to ask about the prospect of marriage to see what they might think. It is always a good idea to pop the question in a location that is special to both of you.

While it might be terrifying to consider a proposal, purchasing the ideal engagement ring can help ensure that things go smoothly. With the best-practice methods above, success is all but guaranteed.


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