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Enjoy High Class Sheets with “His Collection”

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Every player has his secrets, here’s one that will take you far.

A successful single guy needs great sheets, if he wants anyone else to get in between them.

After you’ve got that mattress on a bed frame, and picked up the clothes from your floor, the next tell-tale sign that you’re not a kid is the linens.

This will do wonders. Once you’ve started looking, you may find the selection of bed coverings a bit overwhelming.

The Maison Tess line of linens has gone and checked all the boxes so you can get back to using your bed.

The Canadian luxury brand uses premier cotton, manufactured in Portugal, without using any harmful chemicals. Their Luxe Cotton Collection is made from 100% long-staple Egyptian Sateen cotton that will make you and your guests feel like you’re in a five-star hotel.

Working in conjunction with the Better Cotton Initiative, the people who make the linens and the environment are treated with the highest standards in the industry. If you decide Maison Tess isn’t really for you, the company will fully refund your purchase within the first 30-days.

They’ve also got the all-season collection featuring Percale Cotton and Washed Linen. Whether used for winter or summer, the washed linen will adapt to your body heat and provide a comfy and peaceful night sleep. Everyone knows what it’s like to have sheets stick to them in the summer or have to warm up your bed in the winter.

That’s because everyone knows what it’s like to sleep with sub-par sheets. This 100% pure flax product absorbs moisture and won’t be worse for wear because of it.

If you’re looking to make more of a strong first impression, Maison Tess has a line for that too. “The New Neutrals” come in colours inspired by nature like Moss, Clay, Latté, and Amber.

Cotton and Coco Linen materials are understated and unique in a way that shows you’re taking care of yourself.

You’ve got options, and now, you’ve got advice.


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