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How Men Can Make Saving More Fun

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Most men know they should save, but that doesn’t mean it’s that exciting, especially if you are only setting aside a little each month. However, you can make the process more fun if you are creative enough. That way, you’ll be motivated enough to meet your monthly goals.

If you want to manage your money sustainably, you need to allow yourself to use it when you want to have fun. Set a financial goal that brings you joy, like going on a trip, purchasing a new car, or getting a vacation home. By saving for things that get you excited, you’ll be more motivated and have more fun along the way. Try cutting down your monthly expenses when setting aside funds for these things. For instance, if you have student loans, consider refinancing them. You can use a student loan refinance calculator to see your interest rate in 2 minutes. That way, you’ll have more to put toward the things you want.

Boost Your Savings with a Fun Side Hustle

If you increase your income, you’ll be able to put aside more. And if you can set aside larger chunks, the process becomes more enjoyable. Many men find saving isn’t much fun if they can’t watch the account grow that fast. Even if you can cut your expenses somewhat, it is not fun to be limited by your income. If you work at your side hustle hard enough, you might be able to bring in a few thousand more dollars. If you added $20,000 or more to your yearly income, you would reach your goals that much faster. Ad if you can find a hustle that gets you excited, you’ll make the process even more fun. Think about your interests and try to build something around them. For instance, if you love working with wood, you might try selling your creations or taking custom orders.

Get a New Perspective

If you are not motivated, the process might seem boring. But think about what you want to accomplish, besides just watching your bank account grow. If you have a boring goal, you won’t have fun achieving it. Instead, try to come up with goals that get you excited. Of course, not every goal will be thrilling, but changing your perspective can help you feel more optimistic. Just saving an emergency fund might not be that interesting, but it’s still essential. So instead of calling it an emergency fund, you might call it your path toward financial freedom.聽


While these refer to the same thing, the change in perspective can motivate you to keep going. Try turning the process into a game to keep yourself interested. For instance, perhaps you might try to increase the balance of a specific account by $10 each week for a year. Or you might compete with a close friend or a sibling to see who can save the most significant percentage each month. By getting creative, you can ensure you keep yourself motivated.


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