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How to Take Uber Like a Boss. Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know.

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Uber is one of the greatest innovations of our time. Though it’s not always cheaper than taxis and other transportation services, most people would agree that it is probably one of the most convenient options around.

Surely, you’ve heard of Uber by now. You’ve probably ridden it going to a meeting or coming home from a boozy night out. You might’ve even considered driving an Uber yourself!

Founded in 2009 in California, Uber is a ride-sharing app that lets passengers book a car and a driver with just a push of the button. The simplicity of the process and payment makes it more popular than other transportation systems. It’s like having your own chauffeur who can drive you around the city minus all the stress.

Well, here’s a little secret. Not all Uber rides are created equal. A few tips and tricks can make your trip even better than it already is. Wondering what are the things you need to do ride Uber like a boss? Check out this list.


Ratings Matter


A rating of 4 or 4.5 out of 5 might sound decent enough for some people, but it may cause your Uber driver to lose his job. Uber drivers with a low rating have difficulties earning money because the app assigns them fewer passengers. In addition to this, drivers who get a rating of 4.5 or below may even be deactivated from the app altogether. Unless you genuinely feel like your ride was dangerous or the driver was extremely rude, you might want to give a rating that won’t put your driver out of work.

On the flipside, drivers get to leave you a rating too, so be nice. You can expect fewer stars if you are unpleasant or if you make them wait too much. When you have a lower rating, some drivers might even be hesitant to pick you up. Plus, these drivers often have groups and communities, where they share cringe-worthy experiences about difficult passengers. You don’t want them talking about you now, do you?


Don’t Forget To Give A Tip



Want to make sure you keep your 5-star rating? Leave a tip in cash. Your driver will appreciate it!

It’s common courtesy to leave a tip for your driver for the excellent service, especially if you enjoyed your trip. Aside from keeping your ratings high, there are other advantages of leaving a tip too. For example, if you accidentally leave something behind the vehicle, your driver is more likely to go out of his way to bring back your stuff.

It is also possible to leave a tip using the app. If you forget to leave a tip for your driver, you have until 30 days after your trip is completed to leave a tip. You can add the tip using the trip history and trip receipt.


Want A Better Fare? Walk Away From The Crowd



The bad news: Uber fares are likely to bit higher during the times when you need a ride.

The good news: There are things you can do to avoid having to pay more.

Uber fares are usually determined by miles and minutes, but peak times and large crowds are likely to cause a surge in the pricing. Here are a few things that can help a money-savvy rider like you save your hard-earned cash.

You can try to wait until the prices go down. This is not a big problem if you’re not rushing to go home or if you have friends you can hang out with. For most people, it seems more reasonable to buy an extra drink or two instead of having to pay more for a ride. Another trick is to go home before the last call. The prices usually get a bit higher on weekends when it’s the last call, so if you want to save money and you don’t really want to stay long, make your exit at least thirty minutes before everyone else leaves.

If you really must go leave at a specific time, you can try walking a few blocks away from the crowds to avoid the surge pricing. Walking for five minutes can make a big difference. This strategy might also make it a lot easier for your driver to find you.


Check Out The Other Uber Services Available


Do you know that you can schedule an Uber in advance? This service comes in handy if you’re a type-A person who always likes to make sure that details are always ironed out in advance. You can schedule an Uber to pick you up for an early morning meeting or a doctor’s appointment. It’s also perfect if you need to pick up a relative or client at the airport but don’t really want to drive. Just whip up your phone and book an Uber for them!

In some cities, you can even have can get lunch or dinner delivered in your home, office or at the park via Uber too. You can use UberEATS if you want something from a restaurant that does not offer a delivery service. Your driver can just pick up the food and bring it to you. Sounds simple enough, right?  You can also pay using your credit card. UberEATS is available in about 58 cities.


You Can Save Money By taking UberPOOL



Always traveling alone? You might want to take an UberPOOL instead of your own car. Like the name suggests, UberPOOL will allow you to share your ride with another passenger going in the same direction as you are. However, keep in mind that though this option is the most cost-effective, it’s not a good idea to use this if you’re in a rush because there’s a chance that your driver won’t drop you off first. You could be the first one to get in but the last to get out! Plus you need to make sure you won’t make your driver and the other passengers wait too much. UberPOOL drivers are only required to wait for 2 minutes before they are given the freedom to cancel the ride.



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