Master The Art Of Being A Serial Chiller
Being lazy has a negative connotation. Idle people are viewed as being bums, sponging off the state and having no ambition, focus or zest for life. However, being lazy is something that needs mastering in order to feel the benefits. In the coronavirus climate, people are learning to take a load off, chill, pursue other interests and reflect on their own existence.

Embracing a state of laziness is a mindset that should be explored to help you reassess your life. Master the art of being a serial chiller and don’t hurry, be happy!


Goal Setting Is For Fools


Forget about your lofty career plans or life goals and instead, take a load off. By being so forward thinking, you can forget to live for the moment and enjoy the things around you now. The smaller things in life are worthy of merit. Go for walks, enjoy relaxing in your back garden and don’t feel guilty for binging the latest boxset you have stumbled across on Netflix.


Having mammoth goals can make you feel like a constant failure if you cannot meet them. This can heighten your stress levels and make you mope in a constant state of unhappiness. Instead of wishing for things, start doing things instead. Start small and embrace a more chilled existence.


Let Things Come To You


While you have constantly been chasing job roles, money and fast cars, now is the time to let things come to you. You don’t always have to head onto those dating apps to find your life partner. Wanting something too much can mean that it passes you by. Love really does come when you least expect it, so enjoy being single and learn to be comfortable with your own company for a while.


If you have a to do list as long as your arm, try and tick off your tasks in a lazy way. If you need to sort out the jungle of a garden, get a landscaper to come to you. Don’t break your back doing something you know nothing about. If you need to give your car a little TLC, have the tire change professionals come to you to save you a drive. Intelligent laziness is a thing to be mastered.


Embrace Your Imperfections


Just because social media is pretending that everyone you know is the height of perfection doesn’t mean that they are. Anyone can have an Adonis like physique if they take a photo from a certain angle. Forget about pitching yourself against unrealistic expectations and learn to love your imperfections.

It’s ok to not have a six pack, to have a simple hatchback on the driveway and to be going a little bald at the temples. Life is full of imperfections and you will have your fair share. The sooner you learn to embrace them, the happier you will be.


Being a serial chiller can be difficult in the first instance, especially when you have been a go-getter in the past. However, by learning to not hurry and be happy, you can find a new level of contentment that you never knew existed.


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