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Menopause Management and the Role of a Menopause Doctor

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Every woman goes through menopause just as they go through the beginning of menstruation. However, menopause can be much more complicated and severe than the start of menstruation. Menopause is an experience that every woman deals with differently, depending on their specific needs and health conditions for treatments. Only an expert menopause doctor can diagnose and suggest relevant treatments for each woman.

Since menopause is a natural and biological condition that every woman goes through, it is not an illness or a disease. Keeping this in mind, it should be treated as a natural process that requires management rather than treatment to get rid of it. Reducing its symptoms is all that is done during menopause treatments. When the symptoms are controlled, the issue is dealt with automatically.

Doctors suggest that every woman must be aware of the possible conditions and issues that could arise in their 40s or 50s, during menopause. Sometimes, with growing age, women and men misunderstand internal changes and biological instability with age-related weaknesses. They ignore the mild symptoms which then turn into severe ones. For instance, constant headaches are not healthy or normal and might indicate serious neural illness. But people tend to confuse them with stress, exhaustion, or poor diet. Once you experience anything unusual, physically, mentally, or emotionally, it is a signal of the need for care, rest, and proper treatment.

Similarly, during menopause, women experience symptoms like headaches, insomnia, hot flashes, lethargy, joint and muscle pain, abdominal pain and discomfort, diabetes, high blood pressure, weight gain, vaginal dryness, loss of libido, social and emotional anxiety, constant stress and worry, etc. However, many do not consult their menopause doctor on time, ignoring these signs of a drastic biological change. Ignoring these symptoms, especially between the ages of 45 to 55, can turn into a prolonged issue requiring extensive treatment and care.

When a woman complains about such symptoms, their doctor might take a few tests. They are normally given medicines, injections, patches, or anti-depressants that somehow help. However, in severe cases, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) might be suggested which balances the lack of estrogen and other hormones during menopause. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a way of infusing plant hormones into the body as they have a naturally similar genetic structure to humans. HRT is preferred by a lot of women during menopause or other reproductive or thyroid issues along with men who lack progesterone or testosterone, or any other essential hormone in the body that impairs the functioning of organs.

Staying in touch with a menopause doctor in your 40s will help you understand the changes in your body without having to panic. Sometimes, women get scared of these changes which further intensify the emotional instability and bring nothing but stress. But if prior guidance is taken and one is mentally prepared to go through this natural yet uncomfortable stage, then the menopausal symptoms can be controlled before they intensify.

Since every woman has to go through menopause just like puberty and the start of menstruation, they must be aware of the possible risks and complications that could arise during this time. To tackle these beforehand, it is important to consult the menopause doctor and get the necessary information. With a positive approach and a healthy lifestyle, many women reduce the symptoms and their severity much before they actually surface.


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