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The top 20 things that are absolutely worth the money

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Let’s face it–adulting is not easy. It’s hard enough to cope with the events happening with the world, we also have to be conscious enough to save up for the future. We’ve been so anxious about the uncertainties caused by worrying too much, it kind-of made us forget the value of simple things.

Well, you’re in luck. I’ve enumerated the top 20 that are worth buying / spending for. Some of the stuff here may be trivial, but this article should help convince you of their importance in your daily lives.

Let’s start with the basic necessity – clothes:


  • Underwear


Whether it be a durable bra, comfortable pair of boxes, or seamless panties, underwear is admittedly something we usually cheap out on. That’s a big mistake–there’s nothing that makes a person feel fresher than clean underwear.


  • Three pairs of pants


Every person needs to have three different pairs of pants–jeans, slacks/dress pants (or suit pants), and sweatpants. Having them not only adds variety to your closet, but it also gives you more opportunities to attend more events – may it be casual, formal, or in-between.


  • A pair of black leather shoes


This will save you when you get invited to a last-minute wedding or a client presentation.


  • Backpack


I know that this isn’t supposed to be clothing, but think about it–having a handy backpack can help you travel more easily. Plus it’s a great accessory if you want to go out as a responsible and stylish person.

Moving on with furniture, appliances and wares:


  • Cast iron pan


A cast iron pan is especially helpful for people on the go. You can make easy home-cooked meals that you can devour right after preparing them.


  • Quality kitchen knives


Kitchen knives are used not only in preparing meals, but also as a handy cutting tool. If these are not durable enough or kept sharp, you’ll probably end up spending more.


  • Sheets and pillowcase set


You can never go wrong with a fresh set of covers for your mattress. New sheets and pillowcases help you sleep longer and deeper, making your rest time more enjoyable.


  • Vacuum cleaner


Dust mites can cause allergies, and the only way to prevent it is to make sure your house is speck-free. An efficient vacuum cleaner should do the trick. Check out a handy guide on how to choose a handheld hoover online, that will help you to keep your house clean.

  • Swivel chair


Admit it–you bring some work home. An ergonomic swivel chair is almost a necessity nowadays because it helps maintain your posture while accomplishing all other tasks sitting down.


  • AAA batteries


Okay, this is not exactly furniture or appliances, but you do need batteries for them to work. I recommend size AAA as they power many electronic devices.

This time, we invest in electronics and digital:


  • Noise-cancelling earphones


You want to improve your listening habits without sacrificing audio quality, right? Then noise-cancelling earphones are for you.


  • Streaming service fit for your entertainment needs


There’s tons of streaming services available for all types of people and their respective gadgets. There’s Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and YouTube for video streaming, and Apple Music and Spotify for music. There are also video game live streaming, if that’s what you’re into.


Now for your land travel needs a.k.a. car:


  • Dashcam


There’s a lot of irresponsible drivers on the road right now, and purchasing a dashcam is like having a 24/7 witness in case of an accident. It’s almost like an insurance guarantee.


  • Sedan


I know you want to buy the coolest car with the fanciest names from the expensive brands, but that’s really not going to be as versatile and easy-to-maintain as a sedan. It’s going to save you a lot of money in the end without letting you sacrifice the value of having a comfortable ride.


And lastly, your tools for adequate self-love:


  • Birth control (condoms and pills)


Let’s face it–sex feels great, and sometimes it can lead you to risks and consequences you aren’t ready to face yet (i.e. babies). Always play it safe by stocking up on condoms and contraceptive pills. You’re welcome.


  • Gym membership


The gym is not only a place where you can shed a few pounds. You can meet new friends there or even someone special. It helps you build healthy habits that will later grow into an entire lifestyle, so invest in that.


  • Skin care products


We are all sleep-deprived, and it shows in our faces. We need those skin care products to help us feel and look fresh at any time of the day. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but you have to be wary about its compatibility with your hormones.


  • Pet


Adopt a pet. Head to a shelter and choose a dog or a cat, or whatever furry friend you are sure you can take care of.


  • Chocolate


Chocolate is believed to cause the release of endorphins, a type of hormone that reduces stress and triggers positive feelings. Plus, it’s delicious. Just make sure you’re buying good ones because chocolates are supposed to be guilty pleasures.


  • Therapy


Being in therapy doesn’t necessarily mean that you are diagnosed with a mental illness. Sometimes things are pretty hard to deal with and you need a professional to resolve whatever it is you are going through. Think of it as hiring movers – you can’t carry it all at once, but you can have someone get everything with you from point A to without leaving you exhausted.


I know it’s a lot to take in, but being smart in your spending helps you live a better life. Purchasing carelessly can cost you more money than you initially intended to, so it’s better if you plan all your shopping and make sure all you’ve bought will be useful for the value of money you spent it on.



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