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Three Essential Tips for First Time Sailors

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According to experts, two types of people decide to sail for the first time. There are beginners whose intention is to learn how to sail and master the skills needed, and there are those who want to enjoy the type of vacation offered when sailing.

Regardless of whether you are part of the first group or the latter, you will have to check out the tips below to ensure that your sailing experience is safe and filled with lots of fun.

Your Goal and Your Crew

Before any trip, you have to know how to spend your time in the waters. You have to determine what kind of vacation you want. In addition, it’s essential to know who you are going with. Are you going with your family? With friends? Or will you be joining experienced sailing enthusiasts?

In addition, when choosing a destination, either a specific location, a region or a country, it is essential to determine your length of stay or the period you would like to sail to make the necessary preparations beforehand.

A Sailing Route

A sailing route will significantly depend on the type of vacation you want. So if you are a sailing beginner who is starting to learn, it would be ideal to start in an area with calmer seas with fair winds. You should also find a place with little to no heavy traffic.

It is crucial to have good weather conditions when learning how to sail. Your sailing encounter may make or break your first sailing experience without the right weather conditions.

Experienced sailors have already established several sailing routes, and you can use these routes to plan your vacation. However, you may choose not to stick with these routes. Instead, you can change paths depending on your plan and the current weather condition. But, it will be better to discuss the details with a skipper. So if you want help from a professional, it would be best to hire one.

Around three to six hours of sailing per day is recommended for beginners, approximately fifteen to twenty-five nautical miles. But, you have to bear in mind fuel consumption will also depend on three things: boat type, size and current weather conditions.

On average, a sailboat will consume five to twelve litres of fuel, and a standard catamaran will use up to seven to twelve litres per hour.

Your Boat Type

When you are sailing for the first time, there are four basic types of yachts to choose from: sailing boats, catamarans, gulets, and motor yachts.

If you are new, you will most likely choose a sailboat. This is the most common type of chartered boat, and it is best known for its stability.

In addition, there’s a wide variety of options to choose from, especially when it comes to sizes. For example, there are sailboats with one cabin that can accommodate two people, and there are large sailboats with as many as six compartments.

If you want space and comfort, catamarans may be the best choice for you. These are vessels with two hulls joined by a frame, and it’s well-known for their stability. In addition, catamarans can get much closer to the coast and shallow beaches. This characteristic is essential for those who want to experience a particular area fully.

For beginners, a catamaran is ideal for its double hull and stability because it can reduce seasickness which usually occurs when you sail for the first time.

For those who want to go sailing while enjoying the comforts offered in a hotel, gulets may be the best option for you. These are large and spacious wooden sailing boats designed for more people.

On the other hand, a motor yacht is best for island hopping, shallow beaches and if you want to experience luxury and speed. With motor yachts, you can visit more places than a sailboat, catamaran or a gulet.

Final Thoughts

A common misconception is that sailing is only for the rich and famous. But, in reality, with various boats currently in the market, sailing is now easily accessible, especially for beginners.

Sailing may not be one of the cheapest options available for outdoor or water activities. But, with a variety of boat options in the market, you can indeed find an optimal boat that can meet your needs and budget.

Therefore, the best solution for anyone sailing for the first time is planning and preparing for your first nautical adventure. With the support of technology, you can now search for boats online, and you can even compare the specifications, price and many more.

Suppose you are interested and want to explore the available options or need assistance picking the best type of boat that can meet your needs and budget. In that case, you can visit Takacat Americas for more information.



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