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What New Dads Really Need On Their Baby Registry

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So, you’re going to be a father – whether it was planned or surprised, there are plenty of things you need to get ready for the wildest ride of your life – one that is totally worth it! While there are plenty of survival tips for new dads that you should read up on, there are things to ask for on your baby registry that will make your life infinitely easier. So, on top of being there for your partner, reading all the books or online resources of what to expect, and getting as much sleep as possible between now and when the baby arrives – you’re going to need it – add these items to your “must-have” list for your impending baby shower registry.

Photo Printer聽

If you think you take a lot of photos of your dog, your perfectly curated cappuccino, or anything else, get ready for the number of images that you’re going to take when your baby arrives. The reality is, no matter how hard parenting can be, your baby is and always will be your pride and joy. Asking for a way to print out your favorite photos is a practical gift for both you and your partner to enjoy. Bonus points if you register for a digital frame so you can view the slew of photos on constant rotation while simultaneously staring into your mini-me’s eyes.

Cool Clothes聽

While it’s true that for the first few months of your baby’s life, they’re going to be getting things all over their clothing from spit-up to breastmilk or formula, at some point, you’re going to introduce your new baby to your friends and loved ones. If you’re reading this site, you’re likely sartorial yourself, so as for items that look stylish but will be comfortable for your baby as well. Things like cute newborn baby girl clothes, crib shoes, and headbands are a great idea. They even make tiny Adidas tracksuits for infants. Give your kid a leg up when it comes to fashion by asking for a few outfits for them to stunt in.聽

A Dad Shirt聽

Have you ever tried a baby carrier? Let alone a baby wrap? Those things are hard to figure out and often take a while to get on – the precious time where your little one could be crying their lungs out to be close to you. Enter the Dad Shirt. These are handy t-shirts with a built-in pouch for you to tuck your little one into. You’re like a kangaroo with your brand new joey in your pouch, and it makes getting things done around the house quickly while keeping your newborn close to you. Mom loves these too, as it gives them a chance to take a nap or spa day that she deserves without worrying.


A Backpack You Can Agree On

It used to be that people put diaper bags on their baby registries. While this is still commonplace, it also puts a lot of presumption that mainly the mother will be doing the heavy lifting. If you’re going to be a single dad or two dads, pick a bag that the two of you both agree on style-wise. If you’re expecting with your female partner, it’s worth finding a backpack that you both enjoy the look of that can be used as a “diaper bag” when you’re out and about with the baby. Not to mention that traditional diaper bags are carried on one shoulder, and let’s face it, you need both hands at the ready when you have a new baby – backpacks for the win!

Spill proof Coffee Mugs聽

Let’s be practical here; you likely are already a coffee drinker – well, you’re going to be consuming a lot more caffeine when the baby arrives. Don’t worry, and the missed sleep is worth it; it is. But, with a baby in the house to protect and who likely will want to be held most of the time, having a way to safely consume your coffee around the newborn is paramount. Register for an insulated and spill-proof coffee mug. They are serious game-changers.

Becoming a dad will be the best and most fear-inducing moment in your life. But it also will define you in ways you could never imagine. It will give you confidence and teach you so many things. You’ll get to see the world in a whole new way, and exciting is an understatement. Just make sure you add these to register to make the beginning of the journey a little easier for everyone involved. Congratulations!


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