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7 Brilliant Home Decor Hacks for Busy Men

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Home decor is not on top of the to-do list for most men. In fact, most of them are pretty clueless when it comes to sprucing up their accommodations. And others simply give more time to their work and family.


Nevertheless, it is vital to pay attention to how your home is decorated.

The good thing is that you can make a visible difference in the overall look of your home with slight tweaks. In this article, we will share some brilliant home decor hacks for busy men. Using our tips, you can elevate your bachelor pad beautifully without interfering with your already-busy routine. 

1. Paint Chic or Pop Colors 

Bright colors never go out of fashion. According to the recent trends, they are becoming a hot commodity among interior designers. If you have a dull-looking piece of furniture or an old wall around your home, painting it with bright colors can make a visible difference. For instance, coloring your old brown cupboard in colors like red, neon pink, or blue can make it look attractive and appealing.

Similarly, painting the door or a corner wall with bright colors can make your room look bigger. The best thing about modern paint is that it does not take much time to dry, and you do not need to spend hours painting.

2. Hang Wall Art and Pictures

Walls scream for life when they are left empty. You can spruce them up by hanging different types of art. You can even print your favorite photo onto a canvas and hang it on your wall.

Pictures with your loved ones are a great way to keep your memories alive while upgrading your living space. Make sure to place your photos in frames with colors that complement the color of your walls.  This will help bring attention to them when someone walks into the room.

3. Buy Theme-Based Towels 

If you are a family man, it must be evident that every member likes different characters, colors, and themes. Wouldn’t it be just awesome if your towels matched their preference? Get rid of your boring old towels and buy something new, exciting, and colorful for each bathroom. Since towels are an everyday essential, they will be used and appreciated daily. Also, make sure to get some extra neutrals for unexpected guests.

4. Swap Pillows and Cushions 

From beds to sofas, pillows are a simple and easy way to accessorize and brighten up a room. When cushions start losing their plump and volume, it is time to replace them with newer ones. You can, however, upgrade with new pillow covers if they are still fresh.

From solid colors to basic textures and your favorite characters, different types of cushion covers are available in the market. The one you select depends on your personal liking and the look of your room. Moreover, you can purchase a blend of different types to increase diversity in your living space.

5. Mirror Placement 

Just like wall art, mirrors are a great way to enhance the overall look of any room. They can trick people into thinking that your room is spacious and large. Mirrors are available in different types and styles. Depending on the preference, you can get a floor or wall-mounted mirrors.

For example, most bedroom closets have full-length floor mirrors for a complete view. Wall-mounted mirrors are an excellent pick for living rooms and hallways as they do not take up a lot of space or get in the way.

Pro Tip:

Mirrors are a great decoration, but they should be cleaned periodically.

6. Light Up the Rooms 

A well-lit house looks clean, easy on the eyes, and spacious. If your present set-up doesn’t include proper lighting, try changing the look. LED lights are an energy-saving yet bright addition to any home. Available in different colors, sizes, and shapes, these lights consume less than half of the energy that a fluorescent one does. This will definitely help brighten up your space while keeping the energy bills down.

7. Regular Cleaning 

You may not have time to spend hours decorating your home but, taking 30 to 60 minutes out of your day to clean everything can be manageable for most men. Remember, a clean home looks bright and comforting.

You can develop simple but effective cleaning habits like putting things in place, cleaning the toilet bowl every morning, and washing dishes after you are done eating. This also saves you the time and effort required for detailed weekend cleanings – freeing you to enjoy with friends and family. 

Final Thoughts 

Despite the popular belief, home decor should not be limited to women only. With these simple yet effective tips, men can also create attractive-looking spaces. These are low-fuss and low-maintenance ideas that any man can incorporate. Give them a try and see the ‘oomph factor’ they create!


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