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The Difference Between Staying in a Furnished Apartment Rental Versus a Hotel Suite

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As a frequent traveller, I tend to stay in a lot of hotels and I love it. It’s a great way to spend a few nights or a couple of weeks. What if I’m looking at a temporary stay for up to 6 months? Even 1 or 2 months in a hotel can get a little pricey, and frankly, loses the personal touch when you’re away from home base for so long. That’s when I started looking into the possibility of a luxury apartment rental. It gives you the freedom, space, and the personal touch that a hotel might not be able to provide for such lengthy stays.

Like anyone else, I figured a nice rental would be more expensive than a hotel — even if it’s for a couple months. The obvious downside is perhaps that you won’t get that tip-top hotel service we’re all used to when travelling. Not to mention the cooking, cleaning, and maintenance that any apartment might require. 

That’s when I came across a Toronto-based company that was doing luxury rentals well. Not only are they gorgeous and right downtown, but they also come with all the perks that hotels do. So I decided I found out all the differences between hotels and a luxury rental unit. Here’s what I found out.

Luxury Corporate Rental

A Hotel Compared to a Luxury Apartment Rental

An in-depth look at the core differences to give you all the information you need before you decide.

The Space and Average Costs

Starter units in a furnished apartment will give you a minimum 1-bedroom, which is standard for any entry-level suite at a hotel. I started doing the math for you, and it turns out, luxury apartments are actually more cost effective for long-term stays. A standard luxury hotel will cost you at least $100-150/night, whereas an apartment is usually around $250. With the apartment, you’ll get a lot more space, a full kitchen, and sometimes even a balcony (or two). If you’re looking at a city hotel, it would be really tough to find the same amount of space for that kind of price, and you’ll usually end up paying a premium. If you value having a little more wiggle room, then an apartment rental would definitely be the way to go. I would recommend you always keep up-to-date on the property by looking up what others are saying about the unit, the property manager, and the building.

Luxury Apartment Rental

The Amenities

The next thing you should keep in mind are what kind of amenities they offer. Do they tick off all your boxes? Personally, I look for a pool and gym at the minimum. If I’m being a little more selective then I see if they have a steam room — gotta get those morning steams in! Luxury hotels will almost always have at least a gym and pool, but if all else fails I can make it work with just a gym. For short term stays, I can shift a few priorities.

What’s interesting about furnished apartment rentals is that they’re usually in high-end condominiums who pride themselves on the best amenities. This usually includes outdoor terraces & rooftops, sometimes with an added BBQ, world-class party rooms, board rooms, visitor parking, billiards, and more. With Toronto Luxury Suites, for instance, you’ll be sure that their properties and building amenities are top-notch. Their company vision prides itself on the amenities they can offer you.

Entertaining Corporate Clients, Guests, and Family Members

Entertaining is a crucial consideration when you’re looking at more long-term stays in one location. This could mean having to accommodate several visiting family members, guests, or even corporate clients. A luxury hotel will offer you at least one or two restaurant and dining options, occasionally featuring renowned chefs and gourmet cuisine to attract locals and hotel guests. You can count on a hotel to keep you and any guests entertained. This means it could be really great for you, but again, it depends on your incentive and reason for travel. Entertaining corporate guests in a restaurant or lounge can be a real plus.

At the same time, a luxury apartment unit really does become your home away from home. You can cook your own meals, which makes entertaining visiting family members more intimate and comfortable. You will always have the option of going out to a restaurant, but an apartment gives you the option to cook as a bonus. Personally, I find that staying in a place that feels a little more like home can help maintain your daily routine. Hotels can be distracting and limiting at times, especially if you’re looking to stay for an extended period of time.

Luxury Furnished Apartment

The Service  

The level of service is a big factor for me when I travel, and I always thought you could only ever get that in a hotel. What I discovered was that some furnished luxury apartments actually come with full concierge service, as any hotel would. Toronto Luxury Suites is on-call 24/7, offers personal trainers, and cleaning services. Interestingly, you can also customize your apartment for a small added fee. For example, if you have a two bedroom but are looking for a one-bedroom with office space, they will convert the space for you. I thought that was a unique and definitely helpful feature.

Another important factor that goes into your decision-making process is privacy. Hotels are usually busier, bustling, always being turned around, and you’ll often never run into the same person twice. With an apartment, you get less hustle and bustle that the travel life brings with it, and will usually maintain the same residence of that building. As a result, the apartments often end up being much more private and quieter. For long-term stays, avoiding the constant travel buzz can be a real perk to apartment living.

The Location

I definitely thought that hotels would come out on top in this category. They’re usually always situated right in the heart of everything. Whether you’re traveling for business, with family, or seeing an old friend in the city, you’re always going to want to be in the best location. That means the closest to your place of business, restaurants, shops, nightlife, malls, and more. Toronto Luxury Suites actually has a business model in place for this too, and strategically picks units in the best areas of Toronto.

Furnished Corporate Rentals Toronto

In Summary

After all this, I’m pretty much sold on the idea of a luxury apartment stay. If I’m looking to be in one place for a couple of months or longer, then apartments give me everything I’ll need — especially if I’m looking to keep my routine down and stay productive. When it comes to running your business, sticking to routine living is such an important cog in the ever-flowing machine. If you’re a business corporate traveler like me, then all the lifestyle, amenities, and privacy you might need is easily attainable with luxury apartments. I’ll always adore my luxury hotel stays for short-term trips away from home, and I definitely think I’ll continue to utilize the convenience of a hotel. Knowing more about furnished luxury apartments, though, it allows me to stay open-minded and look at more options depending on the length of my stay.  


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