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5 Simple Steps for Quick Air Conditioning Repair

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Air conditioner repair can be pretty costly if you’ve to hire the services of a specialist. Yes, there’re instances when an expensive repair is inevitable, but it’s possible to troubleshoot the air conditioner system first prior to hiring a professional. In most cases, the fault in your air conditioning system could be something you can quickly fix.

Usually, a simple problem could be the reason why your unit isn’t working. It can be annoying to pay out hundreds of dollars or even much more to have a technician come to your premises and just flip a breaker, and the unit starts to work again. Luckily, there’re a couple of easy and quick steps you can perform before hiring an air conditioning repair company. Well, these steps could end up saving you a lot of cash. Read on to find out more about these steps!

Everything You Need to Know about Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance

As a homeowner, you can easily solve some routine air conditioner repair and maintenance tasks. However, when it comes to technical repairs and assessments, it’s important that you utilize the services of licensed and properly skilled experts, like Stalwart Mechanical AC Services.

Nevertheless, if you aren’t comfortable carrying out any of the steps described below, consider calling a specialist. Additionally, always follow the safety precautions if you do perform the maintenance. As a precaution, it’s essential to switch off the electrical box before performing any repair on the air conditioner. Here are the steps!

Assess the Thermostat

Well, this is perhaps the simplest task to do when it comes to repairing your unit. So, just examine the thermostat to ensure it’s running correctly and it’s keeping the ideal temperature in your room. If you own an outdated and mechanical thermostat, consider replacing it with a smart and programmable one.

A smart and programmable thermostat lets you set the temperature high when nobody is in the house, and it doesn’t switch off the air conditioner. Another incredible feature of a smart thermostat is that it cools down the house about 30 minutes before you arrive home from work.

With this, you will always have a comfy house waiting for you. Again, you’ll save a lot of money and energy since the air conditioner will not run when nobody is in the house. Therefore, if you want to optimize your savings, consider getting a smart thermostat that regulates and reports your energy consumption.

Replace or Clean the Air Filters

Cleaning or replacing the air conditioner filters is one of the most essential maintenance steps you need to consider. Perform it monthly during the high-use seasons, such as winter and summer, and once during the spring and fall. Here is where you can locate the air filters:

•In a section on the top, bottom, or side of the furnace.
•Inside the blower partition of the air furnace or handler.
•Behind the ceiling in a central area of the house or behind the return air grille on a wall.

Whenever the air filters attract dirt, dust, and allergen particles, there will be a significant decrease in airflow. In the process, the dirt accumulation makes your unit run harder than it should. Also, the air flowing through the unit may become dustier and dirtier, affecting the indoor air quality. It may even cause asthma and allergy symptoms for those living in the house.

If you want a long-lasting solution, consider installing high-quality air filters. Note, cheap fiberglass air filters will not trap small particles, such as viruses, bacteria, and pollen. As if that is not enough, you’ll have to replace them every month.

Thus, if you want something that captures these small particles, you need to invest in a pleated filter. Besides, make sure you check on the filter’s MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating. Buy a filter that has a high MERV rating as it captures more airborne pollutants.

Examine Wiring and Components

The internal connections of your air conditioner are vital to its operation. Defective wiring could be the reason why your air conditioner is giving inefficient cooling. Thus, it is essential to assess the outdoor unit’s components and wiring regularly. With the conditioner unit’s power switched off, detach its access panel and check for overheating signs. For example, this could entail melted insulation on wires. Also, check for burnt or blackened-looking wires. 

In addition, go ahead and examine all the electrical connections to ensure they’re tight and functioning in the best way possible. Having an electrical test meter is essential as it helps you check the conditioner’s capacitors. If you come across various problems and aren’t comfortable solving them yourself, consider calling a professional heating and air conditioning technician to perform the task. Yes, if you are not confident with what you are doing, that’s Okay! 

Clean the Outside Unit

Over the years, dirt, grass clippings, and leaves will build upon the air conditioner system’s outer part. In addition to slowing down the airflow, dirt accumulation decreases the unit’s capacity. For this reason, you need to clean the outside part of the unit regularly.

First, switch off the air conditioning unit. Either switch it off from the house’s main breaker panel or disconnect the unit from the power source. Secondly, use your garden hose to wash away the dirt lightly. Start from the top and work your way down. Remember, avoid using a power washer to prevent causing any damage to the unit. Also, take great care to avoid damaging or bending the coil’s subtle fins. The unit’s aluminum cooling fins need to be straight for optimal cooling.

As you clean and make slight repairs on the outdoor unit, consider trimming all the shrubs and other plants around the air conditioner. Well, this will avert the plants from obstructing the flow of air to and from the unit.

Examine the Unit’s Fan

Your air conditioning system will not cool your home efficiently if the unit’s fan blades are not in the best shape. It is for this reason that you need to know the fan’s condition. To achieve this, please switch off the air conditioning system and examine the fan attached on top of the outer part of the condenser system to guarantee it’s still in the best condition possible.

If there are visible cracks or holes in any of the blades, consider replacing the fan blades. You can get these fans from the leading online stores. However, you need to confirm whether the blades fit in your condenser unit. Furthermore, if your air conditioning unit is relatively outdated, you may need to regularly oil the fan motor bearings.

When to Call the Experts

If you encounter problems that you cannot quickly solve during your repair, such as melted wiring and picking the right replacement fan blades, you will have to get in touch with a specialist. Similarly, if you have undertaken the repairs and the air conditioner is making strange noises and not running correctly in other ways, you will have to engage the professionals.

Lastly, if you want to get a comprehensive cleaning and assessment for your peace of mind, hiring a specialist may be the best way to go.


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