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Be A Boss With Your Next House Move

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You’re most likely a boss in your career. Invoices sent on time. Meetings smashed. New contracts signed. Your employees are happy. But what about when it comes to moving home.

It is known that moving house is one of  the most stressful things a human being can go through. From the paperwork and financial implications, to the organizing and moving – it takes some planning! Are you ready to boss your next house move?

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If you are drowning in letters and pages and payments, it is recommended that you purchase a thick folder or binder with dividers and sort and put everything in its place. If you have outdated furniture that will no longer be used by you or an electrical appliance that you do not need – this is a great opportunity to donate. Taking a plethora of old furniture along with you isn’t going to serve you. It may only hinder you and take much more planning once you are at your destination.


You are going to need some sturdy boxes and even cartons. Most moving companies bring boxes with them (and they already put that in your quote) but if this isn’t the case, choose well. Ensure you have added paper and bubble wrap so that you can protect all belongings. 

It is important to use a variety of cardboard sizes because smaller looser items will need to be well packed tightly; especially glass items and more sentimental objects. Keep in mind that if you load a cardboard box and it is incredibly heavy, it may be difficult to manoeuvre and could be easily dropped/or the cardboard could split. Be sure that you label each box well, for example “fragile” so that people will take added care around your treasures.

Make an easy move

Be sure that you review all removal companies before making the final decision. Look for hidden costs and taxes; be sure they’re trustworthy and ensure you check to see if you need separate insurance. This can cause a headache if there  are any discrepancies with your contact and you end up having to pay extra. Be sure to have everything in order before committing. Another thing to consider is, if you own more than one car, you may need your other forms of transport moved to your new place. If this is the case, use a professional and reliable company such as

Photo: Unsplash

Efficiency reduces time and clutter 

One of the most important things in packaging and unloading is order and efficiency. You should have prioritized your boxes, so that you can access the important items first. Once you have completed this, you should consider unboxing room by room. If you mark your boxes this way, it makes things much more orderly. You have one box full of bedroom items, such as duvet covers, ornaments, curtains – it is a much more efficient way to work. If you have kids, ensure that their boxes are separate also; after all you will need access to the children’s items first.

Ready to clean?

If you are moving into a home that isn’t brand new (which may be the majority), you will want to have a deep clean planned. It is recommended to perform a thorough cleaning before placing your items in situ. Grime and dirt from previous owners may have been neglected – so to avoid any unwanted smells and avoid hazards, you must clean thoroughly.

It is recommended to move on dust all the nooks and crannies and behind any furniture that the old owners may have left behind for you. Hiring a professional can take the pressure off, because they have the tools and materials to ensure the area is completely germ free! Planning this in advance is helpful; after all it is just one more thing to put on your boss list!

Take time to relax, finally

If you have taken a few days off work for the move, you’re more than likely edging to check  those emails to see how far behind you’ve fallen at work. However, in order to return like a boss, you must take the time to relax. If you fail to do this, you will not return feeling refreshed. Transition can take months, therefore take the quality time to enjoy the new home and set things out how you wish to have them.

Keep in mind that beyond this is a new beginning, it is a positive thing, our every movement forward as human beings is an empowering and promoting experience. Even if there are crises and even if you have quarrels, misunderstandings, disagreements. Remember that a home is a family. And family is the most important thing. Even this must take priority over your work at this time. Be peaceful and whole with the whole process.

Redesign where needed

To completely boss your new move, you must come to an agreement on the design and decor. How do you want to change the home and what is going to help you become even more successful? For example, a new home office? Work out what is the most important element of the house. Whether that’s the kitchen, remodelling the outdated bathroom or creating a home office in your attic, you are capable of creating a home. Do not be afraid to get your hands a little dirty! Look for inspiration around you, in magazines, on Pinterest.

Try to place the furniture in different shapes and do not be afraid of diagonals and new shapes; adding a little avant garde can be quite pleasing to the eye! You may need to try a few different arrangements before you find the right one, but once you get on it, you will realize how much it adds to the space. Call in the professionals because you could visualise new ideas through them that you may not have been open to before. Ensure that you plan methodically, give yourself time and try to breathe… you can boss anything and this is just one more thing! 


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